SFMTA offers compromise over Mission Street red lanes

By Jerold Chinn : sfbay – excerpt

After anger erupted from merchants and residents from traffic changes made on Mission Street between March and April of this year, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency now has a compromise it hopes will ease concerns from the community.

The project called the 14-Mission Rapid Project included changes on Mission Street between 14th and 30th streets that included a red-transit only lane for the 14-Mission and 49-Van Ness/Mission routes, a number of restricted left turns and forced right turns at some intersections.

Officials said the goal of the project was to improve the reliability of the two Mission Street Muni routes and to improve traffic safety in the corridor.

Since the implementation of the traffic changes, merchants have said that patrons are having a harder time accessing stores, which has led to a decrease in sales for some merchants. Drivers have also said that they have harder time accessing Mission Street merchants and finding parking, according to a survey conduced by the transit agency.

After a community meeting held in June with the SFMTA’s Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin and District 9 Supervisor David Campos, the transit agency has come up with a slightly different plan… (more)

SFMTA has a trust problem. The voting taxpaying public does not trust them to make wise decisions that will benefit the public. After 5 solid years of street diets and parking games, no one anticipates the SFMTA personnel on staff now to solve the traffic problems. We just want them to go away and leave us alone, starting with the boss. We are still waiting for the public apology.



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