Data versus merchants: Do shoppers drive or take Muni?

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

From Mission Street to Geary Boulevard — and even sleepy Taraval Street — parking spaces are disappearing, new turn restrictions for vehicles are coming to fruition and transit-only lanes are popping up on the concrete.

As pushback from local businesses and homeowners heats up on key transit corridors, a pattern is emerging within every project: Merchants are decrying available transit data as false.

As Gabriel Medina, policy manager at the Mission Economic Development Agency, put it: “If [Republican presidential candidate] Donald Trump did a survey himself about himself, would you trust the results?”

Merchants say their customers are mostly drivers. But transit planners contend their data shows most San Franciscans actually take public transit to these neighborhoods, and a new SFMTA survey of Mission Street-goers found most take the bus or train to shop… (more)

What difference does it make what percentage of shoppers arrive by car to access your shop if your business fails after the SFMTA creates a traffic and parking nightmare to discourages ANY of your customers from returning?

What percentage of your income would you like to give up? Would you like a 10, 20, or 30% cut in pay while your rent and taxes go up?

This kind of survey proves that the SFMTA “experts” know nothing about running a business and that explains why they are millions of dollars in debt even though they have one of the highest budgets in the country.

I have an idea. Why don’t we limit them to three projects at a time that they have the money in the budget for instead of allowing them to start dozens of projects that they are financing through “leveraging” programs?

Maybe then they will feel the pain they are inflicting on the merchants who don’t have unlimited funds to cover their losses.

If you want to reign in the SFMTA support the Charter Amendment:



One thought on “Data versus merchants: Do shoppers drive or take Muni?

  1. Sfmta data is flawed. When they were taking surveys they stood at bus stops . Mainly 24th&16th streets. That’s were they stoo where the surveys were conducted and that’s a fact. Seen it with my own eyes. Now here is an example: there is a window repair between 17th and 18th in mission street. They guy has been there forever I have been there myself to repair the wooden frame on old Victorian style windows. No one carries a wooden frame window on the bus. All of his customers drive. He does sell a few small items but do the amount of small item it’s fair to say atleast 90% drive to him.
    People are always making pro-transit comments supporting the data but it’s all bullshit. Sfmta data is totally irrelevant to a small business. As a small business owner the only true number is the actual dollar amount at the end of the month. If sales have been consistent every month for 5 years and then all of a sudden after changing the stree numbers are down 40% then something is wrong. It’s the street.

    But how about putting their bs survey and a business’s sales numbers to the side for a moment and go by strictly observation. The fuckin street is dead. Period! Less people walking on mission less people driving. They have completely killed it.

    yet all of the city supervisors have been silent. Which kind of shows whatever amendment people would to support by having the sups appoint Sfmta members doesn’t mean shit. They’d be speaking out now as well as speaking out loudly trying to get people to support it. The fact that it’s on the ballot is just to silence citizens for a whe until after elections then back to the same bullshit even worse


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