Open letter to Supervisor Weiner

Dear Scott,

Please do not close Noe and Sanchez Streets to left turns onto Market.

There are so few ways to access Market Street; since I’ve lived here we’ve closed off McCoppin, Octavia, Buchanan, Dolores, Church, and Castro Streets to turns onto Market.
As a result, 15th St., 16th St., Sanchez and Noe are often congested 2-3 blocks to get onto Market.
Drivers flood the Duboce Triangle and the Castro trying to go around.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Pedestrian jay-walking is epidemic in the Castro as are bicycle red-light runners.  The recent brown paint  encourages pedestrian to wait in the middle of the street.  See attached photos.

But SFPD does not dare enforce, due to severe backlash from SFBC, and lack of support from both the command staff and city government (according to multiple friends who are officers, and wish to remain anonymous).  Currently peds and bikes get a pass.  But Vision Zero will only work if everyone is accountable.

• We support a left turn arrow from westbound 16th St. to westbound Market St., often backed up 2 blocks / 6 light cycles / 10 minutes.
• We also support the idea of an all-way pedestrian crossing light at Noe/16th/Market, just as we currently have in the Financial District.
• We oppose turn restrictions from Noe and Sanchez Streets.


—Jamey Frank,

Church Street Neighborhood Association



One thought on “Open letter to Supervisor Weiner

  1. Thanks Jamey for your letter.

    Not only does SFMTA want to limit turns onto Market Street, they are planning to establish forced right turns onto Market from Castro, cutting off access to Divisadero. And, if that isn’t enough of a plague on the Market/Castro intersection, they are planning to set up “construction staging” areas on the north and south sides of Market Street just west of the Castro in preparation for work on the tunnel in the fall.

    This is exactly what they did to upset the Mission. Now they are supposedly pulling back from some of those mistakes. Meanwhile, how do we stop these people from wrecking our city and killing all of our businesses?

    Are they not aware of the fire station on Noe just north of Market Street? How is it safe to calm traffic in front of a fire station?

    If you haven’t talked to the merchants on Castro you might consider doing that. We understand they have sustained up to 55% losses and many businesses have closed or are closing.

    Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We hope you will support the SFMTA Charter Amendment to let the SFMTA know these actions are not appreciated.


    Mari Eliza


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