New elevator, upgrades coming to Milk plaza

With transit officials set to add a second elevator at the Muni station in the Castro, they are also floating ideas to remodel the public plaza that surrounds it.

Named for Harvey Milk, the city’s first gay elected official who was killed in office in 1978, the plaza has long vexed neighborhood leaders since it first opened nearly four decades ago. Its design has been derided as uninviting with poorly laid out spaces little used other than by smokers or homeless people…

Now two city agencies, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and San Francisco Public Works, are proposing to make several changes to the plaza’s design as part of a project to improve pedestrian access throughout the space.

“We have been working with folks in the neighborhood and the SFMTA and DPW for a while now brainstorming ideas, with the overall goal being to open up the plaza and to turn this space into a useable plaza,” said District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener, a gay man who represents the Castro at City Hall. “The way it is designed right now, it is so broken up with narrow spaces it is not useable. It ends up leading to problem activities.”… (more)

NO MORE TAXES. What does making a useable plaza have to do with SFMTA’s mission of transporting people and goods around the city? This is why we are opposing any new taxes. Re-designing public space by digging up concrete and re-pouring it in different configurations is a waste of taxpayer funds that should be dedicated to improving public transportation. DPW should not spend time or energy on this either. They are far behind on street and pothole repairs. NO MORE TAXES.


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