Mission Street ‘red lane’ turn restrictions relaxed

By Jerold Chinn : sfbay– excerpt

San Francisco is relaxing some of its forced right turns on Mission Street as a compromise between merchants and residents…

This doesn’t sound right. There is no disagreement between merchants and residents. The compromise was between the Mission merchants and residents and the SFMTA Board. The Mission community, with minor exceptions, hates the red lanes. Support Yes on L to bring back some balance to the MTA Board. stopsfmta.com

The SFMTA is also working with The City’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development to support marketing to highlight the neighborhood and transit options to get to the Mission District, Brill said.

He also addressed the reason why it was best to keep the forced right turn on Mission and Cesar Chavez streets:

“We did evaluate the potential for removing that restriction at that intersection. However, given that northbound Mission is now a single lane, if we were to remove that [forced right turn], the congestion along Mission Street would be far worse than it was before, which means both drivers and Muni riders will have a less good experience as they did prior to implementing the project.”…(more)

Drivers can deal with traffic congestion without being corralled. People who need to go on Mission will go and everyone else will find a different path. Cars are not on a track. They know how to avoid traffic. Nobody is having a good experience on Misison now. Support Yes on L to bring back some balance to the MTA Board. stopsfmta.com


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