Study shows bad roads, traffic jams are costing Bay Area drivers

by : abc7news – excerpt

Nonprofit transportation research group TRIP says 79 percent, or nearly 8 out of 10, major roads in San Jose can be classified as being in poor condition or worse. That’s costing drivers nearly $900 a year in added costs for things like fuel, repairs, depreciation and tire wear.

It all adds up – congestion delays, potholes and accidents. TRIP says Bay Area drivers are paying for it right out of their pockets. Statewide, it costs well over $53 billion yearly – nearly $2,500 per driver in San Jose…

And if commuters are hoping public transit is the best alternative, that’s not always the case.

“Our buses are traveling on the same infrastructure that everybody else is on. They’re in the same traffic as everyone else is in, and so it’s critical to try and fix some of the problems that we have with our transportation infrastructure,” VTA spokesperson Stacey Hendler Ross said…(more)

We heard there is an economic downturn. This waste of money is taking
a lot of discretionary income out of the consumers pockets so they are
spending less on everything else. The perfect storm of stagnant incomes
and higher housing costs and transportation costs is dragging down the
economy just as many predicted it would.

Is the solution to keep doing the same thing or change direction and
retreat? Hopefully the voters will make the right decision in November
and demand some changes at the local legal.

That would be YES on L in San Francisco. No more taxes until the transit agencies change their spending tactics. Why are transit agencies spending money on sidewalks and street treatments instead of fixing the streets and potholes?


One thought on “Study shows bad roads, traffic jams are costing Bay Area drivers

  1. I’ve said this a million times of which no one takes serious. They have the money but holding out to redesign streets for a regional transportation plan. Go all around the bay bike lanes have been created as well as traffic lanes removed with the same exact design as San Francisco. It’s all about that one Bay Area/plan Bay Area crap. The city of alameda has an Sfmta employee on their planning board, San Jose, etc etc. it’s not something they deny. Sfmta/mta created this plan and it’s on their websites on how they’re active. The tweaked out a few laws to where a sidewalk falls under transportation making waking a a form a transportation. It wasn’t there before. A simple change of a whole intersection for 2 pedestrians is considered transportation making it legal to spend those funds. Remember glen park? They worked on that twice. Same money. Ac transit buses say Sfmta on them why? Vta buses say Sfmta on them why? Golden gate transit the same as well as samtrans.

    It’s all a bunch of crap. Not only should there be a yes on L but there should also be another measure to either hold the Bay Area council accountable, voted in or whatever. This is a dumb sim city project with a lot of kickbacks from developers etc. it’s not a conspiracy it’s a fact. find the plan Bay Area map and look up PDA( priority development area). All neighborhoods around the Bay Area with issues like mission street for example Geary street project etc are all PDA’s. Same thing goes for major street changes in cities across the Bay Area including San Jose.
    Where they mess with cars is where they plan to over develope. Density. The 85 is San Jose is a lot of land. They will scrap that soon and making it transit oy starting with tolls for autos to try and force autos first. It’s all public.

    Everything starts with the Sfmta and they don’t deny it.


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