Forget Parking: Number Of Cars In The Bay Area Rising

cbslocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — It might not be rising as fast as the population, but the number of cars in San Francisco competing for a finite amount of land on which to drive and park is going up.

The number of vehicles registered in San Francisco and its surrounding counties has been climbing over the past five years, according to the DMV.

At the end of 2015, 494,000 were registered in San Francisco alone, and 1.3 million in Alameda County.

“There’s still an increase in the number of cars in the city. That concerns us because we need that land for housing. We need that land for jobs, and for public space,” Ratna Amin, Transportation Policy Director with SPUR, told KCBS.

Amin says the city’s Transit First policy is gaining traction with new residents.

“The majority of new residents in San Francisco are not bringing cars, or buying cars, and that’s because we do have pretty great transit,” Amin said… (more)

Where does Amin theorize the cars are coming from to declare that new residents do not own cars? Where else are they coming from? Clearly a lot of new residents are car owners. Since when does SPUR decide how to use the land? Isn’t it up to the citizens who live here to decide?

Port Of San Francisco Signs Deal To Process Car Shipments

There is clearly some confusion at City Hall since the Port of SF just signed a deal to process car shipments, guaranteeing an influx of more cars. They claim they plan to process up to 200,000 vehicles here per year. How will they get them from Pier 80 to San Rafael? We can only think of two ways to go. Bay Bridge or Gold Gate Bridge. Either way, they will be adding major traffic to the city streets from an area that is already congested while the SFMTA has the city under a new round of street disruptions. Whoever came up with this nonsensical plan needs to be retired.


One thought on “Forget Parking: Number Of Cars In The Bay Area Rising

  1. Keep in mind that the ceo of spur is a co founder of city car share that has a contract with the Sfmta. That’s just one thing from the long list of crap that he does esp with regional planning. They know where the cars are coming from. Royal auto on south Vaness is just about top sales for the company of Audi. Lies made up to push Sfmta/plan bay area agenda. Ever wonder what happened to those loud and rowdy housing advocates? The ones that would yell keep building so the price goes down?.

    As auto sales go up they say it’s gone down and as bike ridership goes down they say it gone up. Good luck with the vanness brt. That’ll be worse than mission. Too bad I can’t carry a new mattress I just bought on Vaness on a bus. But great news for plan Bay Area. As the businesses in vanness go out on their PDA slated blvd


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