SF’s First ‘Protected Intersection’ Breaks Ground At 9th & Division This Week

by Allie Pape : hoodline – excerpt

The city’s ongoing Vision Zero initiative to prevent pedestrian and cyclist deaths has led to a variety of infrastructure changes around San Francisco, from concrete bulb-outs to revamped bike lanes. This week, the city plans to break ground on another experiment: its first “protected intersection,” set to go in at the busy crossing of Ninth and Division streets in SoMa.

Ninth and Division is one of the intersections in the city’s “high-injury network,” the 12 percent of streets where severe and fatal crashes are most likely to occur…


A rendering of the planned changes at the intersection.

As part of the project, Ninth Street will become two-way from Division to Brannan, with a new sidewalk and angled parking on the south side to narrow the roadway. The parking-protected bikeway on Division, installed between Bryant and Folsom last year, will also be extended between Ninth Street and Potrero Avenue in both directions.

The project will also entail some street improvements: roads will be re-paved not only at the intersection itself, but on Ninth between Brannan and Division and Division between Ninth and 10th.

SF Public Works is starting construction later this week, and hopes to wrap up the changes by the end of the year.

Interested in how protected intersections work? Here’s a video guide:… (more)

Go ahead. Do your worst. Create the biggest traffic jam you can. Piss everyone off who is not already pissed off.
Slow traffic on major streets leading to freeway access just as the city is bringing back shipping on the South Side of the Bay. How are all those 200,000 cars going to get to San Rafael from Pier 80? Are you planning to deliver them by drones? Not too many routes to the bridge from Pier 80 that a big truck an take. This is one of them.
This plan along with the Van Ness and Lombard plans, should push the residents over the edge and end the rule of this regime. As long as they know it is coming before the November election.


3 thoughts on “SF’s First ‘Protected Intersection’ Breaks Ground At 9th & Division This Week

  1. Hi injury my ass. Just makes it harder for carts and trucks to turn will back up traffic around there esp up ninth st like no tomorrow. And the bulb outs just push people further into the streets. A waste of money again by the Sfmta. Honestly that intersection does need something but nothing more than a couple of traffic lights instead of just a 2 way stop sign. But a whole redesign and bulb outs is more crap that will do more worse than harm. But when they say “high injury” is laughable. These fucking donuts act like its Montgomery at in the heart of the financial. 95% of Tha traffic there is not pedestrian traffic but vehicle traffic as well as muni. Let’s not forget baseball games warriors games and the garbage truck yard ups etc will all get screwed.

    The way the Sfmta is moving I guess two stop lights there which include a left turn arrow is too smart of a solution for them. With that particular design they will run into the same issues as glen park where they’d have to come back and change it. Which they probably won’t. Another dollar wasted.


  2. I can’t wait till they start moving those 200K new cars a year through the city with NO TRAFFIC LANES. How do they plan to get them from Pier 80 to Marin? By drones? Which major street will the trucks fit on when the SFMTA is through with their zero plans?


    • By wonderful 3rd street right through the Giants game, warriors game, hospital and police station. Unless they back tack a few blocks up third to the 101 get off at mission exit to vanness going right through the sfmta’s wonderful BRT. Tax payer money being spent on non-policy vision zero the sfmta’s nice version of simcity. Or couple of better ideas…. Lombard street maybe where their placing red bus lanes? Or how about the best traffic plan taken from a couple of ideas from the warriors stadium plan… They can drive right through the presidio. Perfect!


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