Norman Yee’s Statement

How prop L came about:

Supervisor Norman Yee attended POPS meeting at the Taraval Police Station last night to present the SFMTA Charter Amendment on the ballot for this November, and answer questions about it. He explained how the Charter Amendment came about.

As the former Chair of the Rules Committee he observed the public vetting process that the Board of Supervisors goes through in determining who to appoint to a position and felt that the transparency in the methods the supervisors use was somewhat lacking in the Mayoral appointment process.

All eleven supervisors have an opportunity to ask questions and investigate the backgrounds of all the applicants as does the public in most city positions appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  They generally try to get a consensus among the supervisors, and they end up with more congenial appointees as a result. He doesn’t see that same transparent process in the Mayoral appointments. The Mayor’s appointments generally just get announced with no background information or pubic vetting process.

Yee feels that the city needs a more balanced transparent process for appointing the SFMTA Board members and that now is a good time to give the voters a chance to weigh in on balance of power and transparency issues that concern him.

Since he is trying to create a more balanced situation between the departments, he feels that it is also important to allow more transparency and give the Supervisors greater say in how the SFMTA budget is determined, so, he included a change in the number of Supervisors required to send the SFMTA budget back for revisions that match the requirements of most other departments.

Most attendees appreciated that explanation and asked how soon the ballot initiative would take place if it passes in November. We were told it would take about 30 days to be enacted.

Other questions about the process and the options for change were explained. As some of the Board members are coming up for renewal soon, those positions would most likely go to the Board of Supervisors to fill. Download  Yee-oped that ran in the SF Examiner.
Yee’s ballot statement signed by 6 Supervisors. Lyesflyer

Knowing this, we suggest you check with your candidates running to see which ones support Prop L and how they would handle the new responsibility if they win in November.

YES on L campaign

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