Can the SFMTA be trusted to keep its word?

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

The L-Taraval Rapid Project by the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency includes a major renovation of the traffic management for Taraval Street along with installation of new safety provisions. The staff at SFMTA have been working with neighbors and merchants for more than a year exploring ways to accomplish mutual goals of achieving safety and transit reliability.

Numerous changes proposed include adding boarding islands at every Muni stop, removal of Muni stops, installation of red transit-only lanes, removal of parking spaces on Taraval and new traffic signals to name a few modifications.

Negative public reaction to these changes has been documented in thousands of signatures on petitions opposing them and protests at a large community meeting called by Muni to present the plan. Negotiations have been held by staff with neighbors and merchants to work out alternative methods to achieve goals. The result was a pilot program for six months to evaluate the agreed-upon alternatives before final approval and implementation of the project.

The SFMTA Board of Directors will hold a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, to review and approve the installation of parking and traffic modifications and to amend the transportation code. The board is being asked to make permanent changes to Taraval Street before the agreed upon pilot program has taken place or evaluated for its effectiveness to achieving goals.

This bait-and-switch on promises made to our Taraval neighborhood commercial district and residential community is unacceptable… (more)


We need to pass Prop L to prove we are boss, and vote against J and K to cut their spending.

We need to elect supervisors who will listen to the public, demand that the SFMTA listen as well, and not except the first budget for billions of dollars the SFMTA hands them, but, send it back for revisions.

We need a board that insists on serving the public needs, not the needs of the contractors and politicians piling on public debt with no means to maintain the capital investments they claim they are making and DRIVING US ALL CRAZY!

For information on what you can do to turn this around go to: and

Ask the candidates running for office what they plan to do about the SFMTA!