Lyft chief says most of its rides will happen in self-driving cars within five years

Most Lyft rides will happen in autonomous vehicles within five years and private car ownership will all but end by 2025.

Those are two projections made in a blog over the weekend by John Zimmer, co-founder of the San Francisco-based on-demand ride business.

Lyft is one of a number of Bay Area companies that are racing to put cars with autonomous driving features on the road.

It has teamed up with General Motors, while its much larger rival Uber started giving rides in autonomous Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh last week. The Uber cars being used aren’t fully autonomous, keeping a driver at the ready to take over when needed.

Both Lyft and Uber are likely to face resistance from drivers that they hope to eventually replace, with the head of a group of 35,000 Uber drivers in New York last week promising a fight “the likes of which they have yet to see” if Uber tries to bring self-driving cars to that city…(more)

Why anyone would want to work for someone who is threatening to drop them as soon as possible is beyond me. Listening to people like this turns me off to paying into their schemes. I will stick to driving myself or taking a taxi with a driver.

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