Sunset Tunnel’s crumbling interior may end $19 million renovation

The cost of building San Francisco’s Sunset Tunnel has just grown by $3 million more, after the discovery of a crumbling interior inside the tunnel has the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency doling out even more money to see if the project is salvageable.

The Sunset Tunnel tracks for the N-Line were built in 1928 and are now used for the city’s N-Judah light-rail vehicles.

A report from the SFMTA has found that the during the tunnel’s renovation last winter, the conduit began to crumble and exposed “live feeder cables,” adding that there is a “high probability of hidden damages” that might cause the Muni to stop operating in the location for good… (more)

Looks like SFMTA has more important things to do than they can keep track of. Why are they spending money on Red Lanes and BRTs when they need to shore up tunnels and bridges? It boggles the mind sometimes where the priorities lie. If they can’t take care of this problem a lot more people will start driving again.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Tunnel’s crumbling interior may end $19 million renovation

  1. The Sfmta may end up finding a problem and retorting. Not sure if you remember but I have left comments on here about plan Bay Area and mention PDA which means priority development areas. We’ll take a look at things. This site has everything they have planned and have been working on. This agency is what started everything from development to streets. Anyway on this particular page of the website you will see check marks under PDA supportive.


  2. They’re going to continue to find more problems real or not and then ask for money a lot of which will not even be used on the tunnel. They may ask for it now or strategically wait until after the elections for more funds. Wanna bet?


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