Santa Clara County has four of the 10 most congested Bay Area freeways


Santa Clara County is home to a quarter of the Bay Area’s population, it shares half the area’s jobs with San Francisco and it had four of the 10 most congested freeway stretches in 2015, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) annual report.

Although the most congested freeway was a north- and eastbound stretch of U.S. 101/I-80 in San Francisco in the afternoon from the I-280 interchange to Treasure Island, Santa Clara County has…

Santa Clara County voters will consider Measure B on their November ballots to raise sales taxes a half-cent for 30 years to raise $6.4 billion for transportation improvements, including $1.1 billion for freeways. Another $2.65 billion of the total will go for mass transit projects including BART and Caltrain to offer reasonable alternatives to freeway driving. In all, four Bay Area counties — Santa Clara, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Alameda — will consider November ballot measures to raise $13.4 billion for transportation (read more about why here).

Nearly 30 percent of the Bay Area’s buses, railcars, tracks and other transit assets are past their useful lives, according to the MTC. In the worst shape is BART, with 71 percent of its fleet beyond its useful life. BART fleet replacement is included in the transportation measure for San Francisco, Contra Costa and Alameda counties..(more)


2 thoughts on “Santa Clara County has four of the 10 most congested Bay Area freeways

  1. From this additional sales tax to the previous passed in June Majority of the money is going to transportation roads and bikes. 1.2 billion of it is going to bikes while only 750 million will be going to the highways. How 1.2 billion going to bysycling will help congested freeways I don’t know. They are probably expecting smooth traffic flow when exiting off the freeway on to a road that use to have 4 lanes but now only has 3 lanes because one was removed for a protected bike lane. SF and a few other counties around the bay have sales tax on the ballot. Same thing majority of the money goes to roads(which just means street diets smart street designs). Bycicle and transportation. More transit only lanes more BRT crap etc. Welcome plan Bay Area. Things are going to just get worse for everybody.

    Every city is going to eat shit. Too bad wonderful city planners won’t be getting their computers to finish up designs or their lunch in time. It’ll either be the delivery truck is stuck in some serious traffic or the delivery guy is having a hard time getting those 200 laptops on and off the bus.


    • Try getting a remodel done or even having a building inspector show up on schedule to an appointment. How the economy will improve by slowing everything down and wasting our time I don’t know, but that is the plan.


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