Effort ramps up to save historic Van Ness Avenue street lamps from Muni

By : sfexaminer -examiner

Former Mayor Willie Brown has joined in the fray over the controversial removal of historic street lamps along Van Ness Avenue to make way for a bus rapid transit project.

Those 224 street lamps were first constructed in 1915 for the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Now they may be cleared out sometime this fall for the construction of the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit project, which aims to speed up Muni service in that corridor.

“As the mayor who took charge of much of the restoration of our glorious, iconic City Hall, where San Francisco’s history and character are honored and remembered daily by those who work and visit here, I cannot imagine Van Ness Avenue without its historic street lamps,” Brown said in a statement.

That issue may come to a head today at a community meeting hosted by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on the Van Ness BRT project, as well as Polk Street improvements.

No decisions will be made, but those opposing the lamps’ removal —including Supervisor Aaron Peskin — promised to make their voices heard.

“I think we can improve our city transportation system without sacrificing our historical resources. These things are not mutually exclusive,” said Peskin…(more)


One thought on “Effort ramps up to save historic Van Ness Avenue street lamps from Muni

  1. The street lamps are coming down no matter what. This is a perfect example of how prop L may not work well. The sups are only speaking out about the lamps. Not about the sfmta nor the brt project as a whole. This major project and serious money is in no way being dropped on van ness just to speed up muni. It’s 100% anti auto. The whole corridor is a PDA (priority development area) under plan Bay Area which the sfcta has created.so basically what’s happening is this. All parking spaces will be removed and also forcing autos to go around the block to Polk and then come around to go down pine for example because all left turns will be removed. At the same time they are going to rush through approvals and micro unit mixed used development saying it’s needed because van Vaness is a major transit hub. That will be the argument along with the affordable housing crap. A lot of buildings on van ness will be torn down as a result. Van ness is generally hotels, auto dealerships, furniture and mattress stores, concert venue and restaraunts that people from all over frequent. Almost all businesses will lose at least half the business and be forced to shut down thus creating abandoned buildings to be sold off or approved for development. Not to mention the fact that we will have an issue with tourism getting to Lombard, the golden gate, palace of fine arts etc. they will be working on Polk street at the same time which the patrons there are 50% by car. Let’s not forget about the senior citizen homes along van ness and just off of van ness. How will they be getting dropped of if access is cut? Street parking on both streets will be replaced by bike lanes. They’re slowly killing the city.



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