D, H, L, and M Props Supporters United

We are in it to win it!

4 for Reform – Vote Yes on DHL+M

D is for Democratic elections for open seats on the Board of Supervisors
H is for honest government to create a public advocate
L is for less gridlock to improve Muni and traffic
M is for more affordable housing

5 thoughts on “D, H, L, and M Props Supporters United

  1. I am not exactly sure why people are so happy to be pushing for M. All it basically does is create the SFMTA of housing and development which would allow any specific development approvals through the board of sups bypassing any laws if they choose. It also means they can sell of city property to developers when they see fit. And it can be any city owned property which they are calling it “surpluss property” which is a bullshit term. It could be a park, a lake, whatever. Sfmta took over Dpt and sold all the parking lots to developers. This commission would be in charge of selling off what the sfmta does not control which is every single piece of city owned property/building/park/schoool etc. notice how I mentioned school? Notice how we have school district measures on the ballot. Both work hand in hand to make it legal to sell off school property. Let’s say 850 Bryant is considered surplus property that they are going to choose to sell which wouldn’t surprise me and explains why some sups were against a new jail there. Also property on treasure island that they want to develope and then charge a toll to autos entering the island. To get straight to the point they can sell anything with the stamp of sf on it even a street to developers. Zero todo with affordable housing although that’s their famous line.

    This is for the creation of the sfmta of housing and development. Bad idea seriously. My advice always read the full legal texts of each measure before you vote.


  2. Info copied From the sfcta website. Looking at the break down bellow not one cent goes to homeless. Just like with affordable housing they create a “problem for the citizens” make a big deal about it the story disappears and they then introduce a measure using the “problem” to get the votes just so they can take the money. A big scam. What I have pasted bellow is their short term funding strategy. This link http://www.sfcta.org/san-francisco-transportation-plan-2040-revenue-strategy shows future strategy. If you also click on expected revenues from that page you will see that funding is coming from everywhere. Fromdisabled to housing to schools. Every single prop has a lot of money allocated to the sfmta local and regional

    The Mayor and San Francisco Board of Supervisors have placed on the November 2016 ballot Proposition J, which creates a fund for Homelessness and Transportation. If approved, Proposition J would direct additional funds to critical transit services and transportation improvements in every neighborhood, including safer, well-maintained streets, transit maintenance and expansion, and Muni equity and affordability programs. It would also fund priorities that received little or no funding from 2014 Proposition A and Proposition B, such as repaving our streets, and new BART and Muni cars.

    A separate measure, Proposition K, would raise the city’s general sales tax by 0.75%. Proposition K would generate roughly the same amount of funding in new annual revenues as is identified in Proposition J for Transportation ($100M) and Homelessness programs ($50M).

    Muni Transit Service and Affordability 12.4%
    Muni Fleet, Facilities, and Infra-
    structure Repair and Maintenance 18.8%
    Transit Optimization and Expansion 9.4%
    Regional Transit and Smart
    System Management 14.1%
    Vision Zero Safe and
    Complete Streets 12.4%
    Street Resurfacing 32.9%


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