Dangerous plan afoot to narrow and slow 16th Street traffic access to Mission Bay

The other day as I walked down 16th Street to the BART station I witnessed a traffic jam on 16th Street and shot some photos as the drama unfolded.  There was a repair truck stopped in back of the bus and three people directing traffic around it. There is a single East facing lane on 16th Street now and two West facing lanes so traffic may pass the broken bus without too much trouble now.

As you can see by looking at the photos, the traffic builds up rather fast when a lane is stopped. An ambulance came up 16th Street while I was there and it was directed around the stopped traffic, but stopping the other lane, but, I realized how difficult it would be to maneuver traffic around a broken bus if there was a BRT or separated lanes as the SFMTA plans for 16th Street.

Separated roadways, swerving traffic in narrow lanes do not slow traffic down it makes drivers mad and creates obstacles for the buses and larger vehicles. This is not a safe way to manage traffic.

Please stop this insane constant construction and destruction of our streets! Vote Yes on L and tell the SFMTA to back off. Leave the bus stops and return the service they cut. Stopsfmta.comStopsfmta.com

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous plan afoot to narrow and slow 16th Street traffic access to Mission Bay

  1. Where have you been? The pictures show 16th and Folsom in sure you noticed the painted bulb outs on the corner. If you go down to 16th and Harrison it’s even worse. All of the painted bulb outs will be filled in with cement. That stop light added in capp st made it worse. Wait until they start that 22 filmore. transit project. When that happens you’ll have a stop light on shotwell between south Vanessa and Folsom and I believe 16th and Alabama as well. No left turns off of 16th street. One nice red bus lane in both directions and only one traffic lane instead of two starting at 16th and church and ending at 16th and 3rd right across the street from the new warriors stadium. Pretty genius ha? The board of supervisors pass sfmta budget with no questions. They passed the warriors stadium with no questions. They are considering tearing down 280 and move the cal trans station to the new transit station in Fremont. They also approved that dumb central subway. This same board of supervisors have not raised any issues in regards to any sfmta plans that the majority of citizens have spoken out against. Now you tell me do you really want this same board of supervisors having the power to appoint the sfmta board members? Will that help the citizens? If so great. However the question could also be that the board of supervisors would rather avoid dealing with a dumb mayor that vetos legislation that allows bike riders to roll stop signs? The whole board is full of shit. It’s not a simple measure we need. We need some new supes

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    • I believe we will get some new supes. I hope people are taking the SFMTA issues into account as they make their decisions about who to support. I also hope people are asking the candidates how they will improve the traffic and deal with the SFMTA if they are give n the chance. Wait till you see the next story that should be coming next week. Maybe earlier if we get some cooperation from the press.


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