Red Lane Experiments

Where does the SFMTA get the right to put Red transit-only Lanes on Mission Street and how do we get rid of them if we don’t like them?

Caltrans CTCDC, (California Traffic Control Devices Committee) authorizes “experiments” on public streets. One of the Geary merchants attended one of their meetings on March 3, 2016 and expressed his concern over the red lane experiments. Since that meeting, many San Francisco citizens have written letters to the CTCDC opposing them.

Authority Questions : It seems that SFMTA does not have the right to just paint the streets red at will. The right to conduct experiments on our public streets is granted by CTCDC and comes with conditions, including requirements for timely execution and analysis of the effects of the tests.

Questions regarding the tests areas: When CTCDC Chair Greenwood inquired as to whether the installation of the red transit lanes had expanded beyond the areas approved by the committee Mr. White replied that the installation had been used specifically in the 24/7 lanes rather than the part-time lanes. I’m Not sure what that means, but, he went on to say the only place where the lanes had been expanded beyond those shown on the map was Market Street from Fifth to Third, for consistency.

Why did Mr. White fail to mention the red transit-only lanes on Mission Street south of 16th Street?  According to the map and list of allowable streets I have seen, this portion of Mission Street is not included in the experimental areas. We are looking forward to a December 6 meeting with the CTCDC in Sacramento. More on that later…(more)

1 thought on “Red Lane Experiments

  1. “the fact that SFMTA is rushing ahead to approve more of the same on Geary and 16th Street, without telling the public that it is an experiment under scrutiny by the state”

    The sfmta provided that they should rush and start on all projects and worry about the money later. Sales tax money is going to sfmta, any measures on the ballot that states money will go into the general obligation fund is going to sfmta. Any measure stating money be taken from revenue is going to the Sfmta.

    Here is a sample of there bs budget which states where they will get funding next year. Start at page 26.

    Click to access 4-5-16%20Item%2014%20and%2015%20FY%202017-18%20Budget%20-%20Slide%20Presentation.pdf

    Also if you google sfmta budget you will see different pdfs of their budget which was approved by the sfmta as well as the board of supervisors for 2017 and beyond. Money will be coming from schools parks taxes soda tax vehicle registration etc. pretty much from every measure on the ballot. Also the soda tax all goes to sfmta. However in their budget they’re calling it a retail tax.

    An example of their crap is that they already assumed money would come from new sales tax in 2015. How do they know it will pass? Makes you wonder.

    This is why people need to research and read full legal texts and dig in. Paying attention to a catch phrase or a few statements and taking them at face value is worthless


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