City CarShare’s Getaround Transition Causes Headaches For Longtime Members, Disabled Users

by Teresa Hammer : hoodline – excerpt

On Thursday, car-sharing company Getaround announced a new partnership with Bay Area car-sharing nonprofit City CarShare and its owner-operator, Carma. As the Chronicle reports, City CarShare will remain in business as an independent nonprofit, but it will lease its fleet of approximately 200 vehicles (and associated parking spaces) to Getaround, which will take a commission.

Representatives for both companies said the arrangement would benefit City CarShare’s 20,000 active users, allowing them to take advantage of Getaround’s superior technology (which allows locking and unlocking of cars with a smartphone) and lower, monthly-fee-free prices.

But many consumers we spoke to aren’t happy about the way the company handled the changeover—which happened almost overnight, and has particularly impacted disabled members who rely on CityCarShare’s wheelchair-accessible vans to get around town… (more)

The enterprising sector of the SFMTA has taken over from the public service sector and someone needs to take a look at this department’s financial dealings. A lot of people who signed up for CityCarShare quit using it because it was to expensive. What does the department do with a loser? Expand it or merge it in typical corporate fashion. And who is there to oversee the program and protect the consumer? No one. If this ends up in court like many other disputes with the SFMTA, whose side will the City Attorney take? We are looking at discrimination on so many levels it boggles the mind.


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