Muni Construction Project Snarls Stretches Of Van Ness

cbslocal – excerpt – (includes video)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) β€” One of the most traveled streets in San Francisco and the Bay Area is getting transformed, but the construction project is turning some sections of Van Ness Avenue into parking lots.

The three-year construction project spans from Lombard Street all the way to Mission Street.

The SFMTA has released drawings of what Van Ness Avenue will look like in the future… (more)

Who are they kidding. This is all about spending money. Our money on their projects. Voters voted against the sales tax. That should slow them down.


One thought on “Muni Construction Project Snarls Stretches Of Van Ness

  1. Sales tax didn’t slow anything down. It was only three quarters of a cent. The homeless/transportation measure gave them $100 million a year for 24 years. The soda tax also gave them money by being deposited into the general fund not one penny goes to any health program. The trees and sidewalk amendment they threw in “sidewalk maintenance” into that one meaning redesign of sidewalks and tearing down any tree to complete such projects. Add those measures together that’s $134 million a year. Now throw in prop w real estate transfer tax add that average in revenue now you got about $334 million a year. For these assholes. That’s besides taking money from the senior citizen measure and apply it to streets and sidewalks under the arguement of “accessibility for seniors”.

    No one slowed anything. Citizens just paid more attention to the smoke screens. As I’ve said before one must read the legal texts.


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