First major survey of elementary school student commutes shows parents mostly drive

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

For decades, San Francisco city leaders had little idea how the youngest students got to school — until now.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority released a first-of-its-kind survey this week, detailing the commutes of The City’s 45,000 kids who attend public or private elementary schools in San Francisco.

Perhaps most significantly, the study found more than half of parents surveyed drive their kids to school most days — a far cry from the commute of adults, who drive less… (more)

Proof that San Francisco is not family friendly. Families need cars. As long as SFMTA is allowed to put removal of cars at the top of their priority list San Francisco is NOT family friendly. Come on. Do you really expect a five-year-old child to ride the Muni alone? Why does the law require car specified seats for small children in private cars but no seat belts on public buses? Or even seats for children on buses?

And what is the best solution they can come up with? Shuttle buses. How about a reasonable commute for the parents who are dropping their kids off at school on their way to work?


One thought on “First major survey of elementary school student commutes shows parents mostly drive

  1. They will completely kill the commute for parents and charge for the shuttles. The plan is called “safe routes to school”. A recent addition to plan Bay Area . The arguement to be made publicly will be kidnappings.

    Here’s a summary of the plan what I could find for now


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