SFMTA Blames Uber And Lyft For San Francisco’s Traffic Woes


San Francisco has the third worst traffic in the country, and the Bay Area at large has seen a 70 percent increase over the past six years. As with many things in life, the factors behind this are likely complicated and multifaceted, but that hasn’t stopped officials with the SFMTA from laying the blame on one culprit in particular: The ride-hail industry.

According to a state regulatory filling submitted last week to the California Public Utilities Commission on behalf of the SFMTA, drivers with Lyft and Uber are a significant factor in making San Francisco’s roads so congested. “For example, in San Francisco alone an estimated number of 45,000 Uber and Lyft drivers now operate in the City,” the document reads. “This number far surpasses the estimated 1,800 taxis operating in San Francisco.”

That number comes from the SF Treasure’s Office, and at least partially explains why it seems like Ubers and Lyfts are everywhere — because they pretty much are. And just in case the conclusion to be drawn from this is unclear, SFMTA wants you to know that “Much of the increase San Francisco has experienced in vehicular traffic can be attributed to the huge increase in the number of TNC [Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft] vehicles operating on city streets.”… (more)

SFMTA has to blame someone for the traffic. Next they will be blaming all the soccer moms and the shuttle buses (Opps?) for traffic. IF those shuttle buses would just stay out of the city, like SFMTA told them to? Could they be having a really bad day and forgot who to blame?

This is the funniest story I have read all week. SFMTA complaining about Ubers and Lyfts and claiming there are 45,000 of them, as if this is news to anyone. They really must have their heads buried deeper in the sand than we thought.


Has Uber/Lyft Created More Traffic Congestion In Your Neighborhood?
by Saul Sugarman : Hoodline – excerpt

When it comes to local traffic congestion, SFMTA officials have a bone to pick with Uber and Lyft. In a recent regulatory filing first noted by the Examiner, the agency chided state regulators for failing to properly consider rideshare companies’ effect on city traffic and the environment.

“In 2016, San Francisco was rated as having the third worst traffic congestion in the nation,” reads the December 6th filing with the state Public Utilities Commission. “Much of the increase San Francisco has experienced in vehicular traffic can be attributed to the huge increase in the number of [rideshare] vehicles operating on city streets.”

With an estimated 45,000 Uber and Lyft drivers on the road, the rideshare industry has far outpaced the city’s taxi drivers, which number around 1,800, the agency said.

And while around 20,000 rideshare drivers have complied with the city’s new registration requirements, which include paying a $91 annual fee, that still leaves roughly 25,000 who have not registered or paid up. (Uber and Lyft representatives did not respond to requests for comment.)

The SFMTA also argues that rideshare cars have had a “significant environmental impact” on the city, contributing to “a reduction in air quality, increased traffic congestion, increase risk to pedestrian safety, and transit delays.”

“These are real and tangible impacts to the physical environment, which, pursuant to state law, requires environmental review,” the SFMTA filing reads…(more)

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
After you come off the ceiling, think how you can use these admissions.


6 thoughts on “SFMTA Blames Uber And Lyft For San Francisco’s Traffic Woes

    • I think Uber’s announcement that they are unleashing new driverless cars on our streets today might tripped a fuse. What SFMTA fails to mention is that thousands of the Ubers and Lyfts are commuting into the city, adding to the regional traffic problem. The world is spinning so fast that SFMTA is starting to feel the pinch. The voters rebelled against their sales tax plan, and raising rates and charging more for cash-paying customers is not going to get more riders on the bus. SFMTA is, as a really strange person said years ago, “the victim of its own plan.” I think it has painted itself into a corner. What Malia Cohen likes to refer to as unintended consequences, are overwhelming the behemoth.


      • Well years ago when the economy was almost just as good traffic was a problem just about the same. Even when I had to commute to San Jose. You can’t say all Uber drivers commute to work in the city. Speak to an Uber driver only some do. Others just make their way here by picking up a ride in San Jose for example wanting a ride to the city. The effects on the streets effect the highways. Removal of lanes and things of that nature. Not just locally but regionally with this plan Bay Area regional transit plan. I travel all over the bay you see lanes being replaced with bike lanes. That’s besides the change in timing of lights.

        16th street was a highway all on its own they added a light to cap and soon to shotwell and Alabama people would use it to get to 280. Instead 17th st is twice as backed up to get to 280.

        Can’t blame Uber for 30 blocks of backed up traffic on a street that use to have times lights and 4 lanes that has now been switched to 3 lanes and lights times for bikes. Highways and Uber aren’t the problem. It’s the city streets. We’ve had 5 lane highways and bay bridge way before I was ever born and I’m 42. Getting off and on to and from is the problem. This hilarious bogus story it’s just to begin to build public support to tax them. It’s not enough sfmta takes money out of every single measure that recently passed. I assume pot holes bulb outs and red carpets are the result of Uber right? There are just more people on the rides these days and own more cars than bikes or buses. 300,000 plus cars travel across the bay bridge both direction. 45,000 Uber drivers wouldn’t even make a dent. South Bay traffic is double worse always has been. But again lanes being removed from express ways. If all of Uber is in sf how would you explain San Jose traffic which is triple? It’s the streets regional plan and people are buying into this crap more sfmta hot air

        Some examples 2nd street downtown use to be 2 lane 2 way street. People would turn on Bryant or on Harrison to get into the bay bridge. Now it’s one lane and no left turns to the bridge. All that traffic must go around the block. Coming off or on to 280 from San Jose/Dolores again a lane removed in both directions. Coming off of 280 to San Jose your backed up damn near Geneva which is about a mile for the exit. Cesar Chavez same issue a serious pain getting off and getting to the 101. Going from 3-2 lanes backs everything up. Mission street doesn’t help either.


  1. Try this. Walk over to 17th and mission and pay attention to the lights. Imagine your traveling on 17th st. Light turns green then count to 10. It will be red again. Timing has been changed as with 16th and Guerrero. It’s all fucked.


      • That’s very possible and would make sense considering they were being tested with old timing. I wonder what would happen with human timing some people walking faster or slower, jay walking, renegade bike riders. May end up killing someone. Zero intuition and possible hacking.


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