Uber rolls out self-driving cars in San Francisco today

Uber expanded its self-driving car program from Pittsburgh to San Francisco on Wednesday, with a fleet of the autonomous vehicles stashed in a warehouse in a downtown San Francisco parking garage now ready to pick up local passengers.

Uber is going to launch the program today and will do so as part of a partnership with Volvo. Uber said in a blog post that it will begin the service in its hometown on Wednesday as a way to build out its offerings for riders and help its autonomous software learn new terrain…

“We’re at the very beginning stages of becoming a robotics company,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told Vanity Fair Summit in San Francisco in October. “As we move toward the future, autonomy is a pretty critical thing for us. It’s existential.”…(more)

After killing off the taxi companies with the help of City Hall and the SFMTA, the ride-sharing companies plan to avoid any labor disputes by replacing the human contractors with by robots. If you figure there are 45,000 car-sharing vehicles on the streets that is around 45,000 jobs that these companies will eliminate. I hope these drivers have plans to do something else soon if they want to stay in the Bay Area.


Uber puts self-driving cars on the road in SF : The ride-hailing company now has autonomous vehicles ready to pick up passengers in the Bay Area…
As of September, Uber didn’t have a permit to run autonomous cars in California…

The man who invented the first self-driving motorcycle is leading Uber into the future..

As we claimed earlier Uber and Lyft are not only taking up street space (as Ed Reiskin finally admitted after doing a study to prove what we all have been seeing for years), the ride-sharing cars are also taking up parking spaces in garages all over town. The drivers of the cars are also adding to the regional commute problem…

Hold on to your hats, the first day the Uber driverless cars hit the streets of San Francisco, they ran red lights, even with their handlers and data-gatherers who were supposed to override them in an emergency situation. Guess running a red light is not considered an emergency to self-driving car handlers.


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