Widespread public opposition to the most expensive disruptive Geary BRT plan will come to a head in January.

The public is demanding their 30 days to comment prior to any approvals by the SFMTA Board. The Board sat on the report for months before releasing it to the public during the holidays to assure not any people would notice. Both the public and the new supervisors need time to review the EIR and examine the budget before committing the taxpayers to any more big street projects.

More details  and a sample letter requesting the SFMTA Board postpone a vote to approve the Geary BRT EIR until the public comment time of 30 days has passed are here :  https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/letters-and-comments/geary-brt/

Businesses oppose the Geary BRT plan, demand an economic impact report.

The Small Business Owners oppose the Geary BRT
The SF Small Business Commission passed a resolution at its Jan. 29 meeting calling for an economic impact study to be conducted as part of the Geary Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) planning process. Geary area merchants and many residents fear the construction and elimination of vehicle lanes on Geary will choke the neighborhood. The coalition resolution complained that the current San Francisco Transportation Authority plan for the Geary project states it will not include an economic assessment “at this stage.” That will be considered at a later time in the Environmental Impact Report, the plan says… (more)


2 thoughts on “Widespread public opposition to the most expensive disruptive Geary BRT plan will come to a head in January.

  1. Surprisingly no one is asking for the same of Vaness which is already causing problems after removing all left turns. That brt will have a bigger negative effect not only to businesses on Vaness but Polk and Lombard as well. These projects are what the money from the homeless/transportation measure will be spent on. Not one cent will go to any homeless program. What they also fail to mention to the public as one would not know unless you search their website is that green bike lanes will be added, and that most of the money from prop A unified school district parcel tax money will also be spent on Geary brt. Supposedly that money was to be used for school repairs seismic repairs etc. But like I’ve always said any school or housing measure etc would be used by the sfmta. I was right.


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