Hoodline Highlights: Transit Riders Union Launches Ambitious ’30X30′ Muni Campaign

hoodline – excerpt

…30X30’s primary argument is that any part of San Francisco should be accessible via Muni in 30 minutes or less by the year 2030. According to the project’s preliminary website, “Muni is the slowest major urban transit system in the nation,” running at an average of 8.1 miles per hour… (more)

Before SFMTA started their efficiency programs, you used to be able to get anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less. Before the SFMTA cut service on Valencia and other formerly well-served streets, you could get to Kaiser Hospital in less than 30 minutes from the Mission. Before SFMTA decided to slow traffic and remove parking spaces, you could get to any appointment in the city in 30 minutes or less. Before we had the invasion of the private monster shuttle buses, and out-of-town Uber and Lyft drivers, you could get anywhere in 30 minutes of less. Now, no mater how you try to get somewhere, unless you are taking BART or driving at night, you have no idea how long it may take.  Way to go SFMTA. You turned a beautiful town with a great traffic system into a nightmare for everyone. Do us all a favor, fire yourselves and let us go back to our former system that worked.

1 thought on “Hoodline Highlights: Transit Riders Union Launches Ambitious ’30X30′ Muni Campaign

  1. I love how they like to throw that “mini travels and average of 8.1 mikes per hour” around. First off we have hills. How fast would they expect a packed bus to travel up a hill. Second with everyone standing on an overcrowded bus why would they speed and cause injury? Third they cause all this traffic around the city and expect muni to move a little faster. Yes just like the 12 Folsom they remove a lane replace it with a very wide bike lane and now it’s stuck in heavy traffic.

    It was already dangerous enough to go to fast in a bus esp one packed with riders esp now a days with the new buses that have less seats.

    Prop E that was passed for the creation of the sfmta should be seriously looked at. I’m sure rules have been broken maybe file a lawsuit. I’m no lawyer but someone should dissect that prop.


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