San Francisco roads deemed worst in nation again

By Adam Brinklaw : sf.streetsblog – excerpt


What we have known all along

Once again the Washington DC-based transit research group TRIP declared San Francisco and Oakland together to have the worst roads in the entire country.

While this may be something of a vindicating moment for Bay Area drivers who have known this for eons, it’s a grim day when road watchers afford even Los Angeles’s famously terrible blacktop more palatable scores than our own.

(They’re the second worst this year, another repeat performance.)

Before continuing, it’s worth noting that most of TRIP’s funding comes from the likes of insurance companies and construction unions—groups that do stand to gain directly from increased road maintenance spending.

But the actual data comes from the Federal Highway Administration, who in turn get it from local agencies… (more)

When you put people who hate roads in charge of road maintenance what do you expect? We have red lanes painted over potholes on Mission Street because SFMTA doesn’t care about potholes. We got an estimate of $10 -16 per square foot to paint the red lanes and between $2 and 6 million for the Mission Street red carpet mess. The figures were not consistent from one meeting to the next, an the media figures also shifted so it’s hard to say exactly what the price for the Experimental Red Lanes on Mission Street is. How many potholes could they have repaired for the money they spent on red paint? They could possibly have fixed most of the potholes in the Mission for what they spent on paint, and what they will spend to maintain that lovely fading pint look.





One thought on “San Francisco roads deemed worst in nation again

  1. This is basically how it works. Almost anything falls under transportation in San Francisco. It could be planting a tree in the sidewalk. It doesn’t matter what it is redesign of a street changing a street light bulb lane removal. Pretty much anything you can think of. San Francisco and regional you see a bunch of measures/propositions introduced for “transportation” funding. As well as proposition money being diverted to streetscape, safety and so on. Many funding measures in sf have passed and they say to fix our roads and pot holes. Well all they have to do is redesign a particular street which falls under fixing which then they have fixed “pot holes”.
    They have more than enough funding that they are holding on to just to redesign all streets brts vision zero and all kinds of other crap. That’s besides the money they receive from the federal government.

    On the federal level the city keeps going back to ask for funding. Year after year they are asked what happened with last years funding their arguement is oh well we spent it on safety and bus needs. Are pedestrians can’t walk the streets. Although statistically it’s the fault of the pedestrian our streets are dangerous. So we spent the money on stupid bulb outs and removal of parking spaces. After many open houses and much public outreach and our own million dollar studies we found out that many of our citizens are being hit by parked cars. So we removed many parking spaces. We also had to remove auto lanes and replace them with bike lanes. Reason being is that our street counter reached a million trips. Now we did set 2 counters side by side so that each wheel of a bike was counted. In other words when a bike rider rides over the counter it counted as 2 trips. Also if I may add each one of our 10,500 bike riders in the city had to ride over that counter 96 times each to hit that million count. Those numbers are staggering. We had to make it safe they’re being killed.

    That’s how the city receives funding from the federal government. Now we have a new one look “worst roads in the nation we need help.
    On the local level they ask for funds for taxes for all kinds of stuff with different measures like schools parks homeless whatever. What they haven’t told you is 70-80% of those dollars can be and will be diverted for others uses but must be paid back with interest. Hence the sfmta.

    Let’s just get real and call it what it is. A war on cars period. Last I checked I had the right to travel and had that right to choose my own means of travel. San Francisco wants to strip you of those rights and tell you how and when to get there.


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