SFMTA Board to review traffic, parking modifications for Arguello Boulevard Safety Project

By Nuala Sawyer : sfexaminer – excerpt

The SFMTA Board of Directors will review a new round of proposed changes to Arguello Boulevard on Tuesday, in anticipation of the safety improvement project’s construction groundbreaking. While the bulk of the project includes improved infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, this new round of changes will manage car traffic and parking along the busy corridor…(more)

How many projects does SFMTA have in mind for 2017 so far? We are losing count. Where would we rather spend our money this year. As David Chui has pointed out, there is a long list of at risk organizations that deserve some help. How would you prefer to spend your tax dollars in 2017?


2 thoughts on “SFMTA Board to review traffic, parking modifications for Arguello Boulevard Safety Project

  1. Funny story. They’re not reviewing shit. It’s a done deal. Arguello design is going to look exactly like Valencia. Big wide turn yellow space zone in the middle after a removal of a lane in each direction. Bulb outs removal of parking spaces and a bike lane. Identical to Valencia street or identical to Cesar Chavez I forgot which.I think it’s set for work to begin in Feb. I may be off.
    Just wait until they get to Fulton street. However I don’t believe Fulton phase will happen in 2017. No set date on that one. But Fulton will happen around the same time they make the banning of cars through golden gate park public which will be coming. Not sure what their excuse for it will be but it’s coming.

    Bycicle high injury corridor by the department of public health you notice that? I’m always saying how everything is disguised behind safety as if to say the greater good which is a lie. However the department of public health keeps their asses quiet when your standing on a bus stuck in traffic for an hour. They keep quiet when emergency vehicles are stuck in traffic with their sirens on. No safety concerns by the health department right? Full of crap. 1999 prop E and vision zero have got to be taken to court and demolished.


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