Geary BRT Phase 1 and 2 explained

Phase 1 and Phase 2 explained on SFMTA site.

Colin Dentel-Post’s explanation on the Reddit blog:
We’ve broken the implementation of the project into two phases in order to roll out the project benefits to the corridor as quickly as possible. Phase 1 includes most of the project improvements east of Stanyan (bus-only lanes, pedestrian crossing improvements, traffic signal upgrades, repaving, utility upgrades, etc), while Phase 2 includes all of the improvements west of Stanyan, including the center-running bus lanes from Palm to 27th Ave.
Since Phase 1 is lower-cost and less complex, we’ve gotten a head start on design, and as soon as the SFMTA Board approves the design we’ll be ready to implement it starting with the bus-only lanes later next year. We’ll follow the red lanes with the rest of the Phase 1 improvements in 2018-2019. Phase 2 is more complex to design and requires federal funding, so we’re aiming for construction in 2019-2020. We’ll begin phase 2 conceptual engineering early next year.

January SF CTA Board meeting recordings:
CTA 2017 calendar of meetings
Here is the link to the MTA CAC page


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