SF for Sensible Transit prepares Lawsuit to block MUNI BRT throughout San Francisco


At the heated meeting on the Mission Red Lanes, Ed Reiskin holds the red folder we handed him, containing comments from over 4500 signatories of the StopSFMTA petition. How many do you think he bothered to read? Regardless, these comments are in the public record. Keep them coming. (Ignore the spam on moveon.)

What does it take to stop SFMTA’s destruction of our streets and businesses?
The voters resoundingly opposed the sales tax increase and federal funds could dry up soon, but that hasn’t stopped the SFMTA and their counterparts from digging up more streets. They gridlocked Van Ness and Polk and are aiming for Lombard and the Golden Gate Bridge next. Does it take a lawsuit to stop them?

The redcarpetmess.org website and the petition page have been updated and include a new video introducing San Franciscans for sensible transit. Please share this link with anyone who supports a more sensible approach to transportation in San Francisco:  https://youtu.be/1aezGHnmsD8.

5 thoughts on “SF for Sensible Transit prepares Lawsuit to block MUNI BRT throughout San Francisco

  1. The defeat of prop k did absolutely nothing. That money was to only be used for facility and fleet upgrades. We know they already purchased new buses a year or two ago and are already in the streets. As well as new metro cars soon to be seen. That prop was nothing but as one screen.

    The money is coming from all the other measures that passed. Take homeless for example they made a big deal about it. Rent city displacement all of this other crap. They tie in transportation into that prop and never specify what programs that money will go to except to say in to the general fund. Have you heard anything about homeless lately? That was a crock of shit.

    School district parcel tax goes into capital improvement funds which pays for capital improvements like Geary brt Vaness brt etc. property tax again same shit capital improvment and general fund.

    Affordable housing crap again into the general fund. Please explain how a city can use affordable housing funds to build affordable housing without building actual city owned housing? Impossible. They would have to build city own residencies.

    The other measure which I forgot what letter it was the passed allows the city to sell off city owned property to developers allocating that money into the general fund only to be given to the sfmta. Take a city owned parking lot build city owned apartments instead of selling it to a developer that’s affordable housing. But again all the money into the general fund.

    In my opinion I would have let prop K pass and defeated every other prop/measure on the ballot.

    That sensible lawsuit better be some sort of breaking up a monopoly or say that the sfmta has become a corporation because that’s exactly what it is and going totally against what the people voted for in the creation of the sfmta. What they need is a lawsuit to break it up back into individual departments where muni only crontrols muni.

    Until then all of this crap is unstoppable.


    • I vote against all those propositions because nothing gets done by what the voters vote for. We saw this with the tax to home owners with the tree maintenance a few years ago already, let’s see what happens this time.


      • Big news of the day is that BART popularity is at an all time low with riders. Number one complaint. Lack of seats. Guess what the first order of business is for BART and Muni. Reduce the number of seats. How out of touch can they be with reality? Riding on public transit is not supposed to be an adventure for the rider. The rider wants a ride home with as little drama as possible. That is not what BART or Muni are delivering. If they scrapped their entire high tech bull and just dealt with managing an efficient fleet of buses that arrived on a regular basis and DID NOT CHANGE COURSE CONSTANTLY, more people would be comfortable with taking public transit. How did this simple feat get lost by the BART and Muni management?


  2. I was actually at the meeting and spoke and like I said to Ed Reiskin, I hoped he would listen to the community of not 1, but hundreds of people telling him we were against the red lanes on the Mission, but that his ears were open but closed at the same time!
    Nothing much changed after this meeting.


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