Traffic Flow Change – Terry A. Francois Blvd. and 3rd Street

3rdstbridgeTraffic stopped for boat entering Mission Creek

“Port Planning has been working with SFMTA staff on the Terry Francois Boulevard (TFB) Cycletrack which will eventually include a bike lane on the Lefty O’Doul Bridge (the bridge at 3rd Street). The bike lanes will solve several issues including removal of the middle double lane on the bridge that has been difficult to manage and dangerous.  Unfortunately removal of this lane will result in the removal of the left turn lane onto TFB from southbound Third Street.

“I’m told that installation of the bike lanes are still at least 12 months out, but the SFMTA board has approved removal of the left turn lane for safety reasons.   SFMTA has agreed to not move forward with removal of the turn lane until Mission Rock Street is open to the public which we don’t believe will occur before March.  Once I receive more information on the timing of this work, I will pass it along as well as a contact for SFMTA should you have any questions regarding the project.”

5 thoughts on “Traffic Flow Change – Terry A. Francois Blvd. and 3rd Street

  1. I wonder if the Fire and Police Departments, hospitals and medical centers would like to weigh in on the subject of removing traffic lanes from the bridges that connect a really dense public-private- residential neighborhood to the closest ER. Has anyone asked them how they feel about this plan?


    • At the Potrero Streetscape initial meetings we asked government officials the same thing. Because sometime soon once the project is complete, all ambulances rushing to get to the hospital won’t be able to do so and will be stucked like all the folks waiting in the cars as lanes are being reduced and the “beautiful planters” are being installed with trees in the median!


  2. If anybody asks they’re not going to listen. That bridge is also turned into 3 lanes in one direction during baseball games to help with the flow of traffic as well. Now add that to the new warriors stadium and their “transportation plane it’s gonna get a lot worse than it already is. Eventually 3rd street will be reduced a lane for a bik lane in the direction of market. In the other direction towards bay shore parking will be removed for that same exact reason. It’s all part of the mission bay plan ahead of tarring down 280.


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