After tussle with bike-share startup, San Francisco says it’s sick of disruption


7 thoughts on “After tussle with bike-share startup, San Francisco says it’s sick of disruption

  1. Commuter buses were a disruption yet they made a deal to charge them $1. It use to just be the muni bus stops now they’re using it to designate parking spaces at certain times for pick up and drop off. New pick up and drop off stops have recently been popping up around the city at full speed with more to come. It’s all happening under the radar.


    • That’s the map of all bike share locations present and future unless or when they update it with more. For now the current vendor is not going anywhere. Too many kickbacks also many working for the city working with them/for them.

      With regards to blue Gogo the statement “sick of disruption” is total bullshit. Just today alone I’ve seen 4 of those bikes around the mission.


  2. Taking pictures will be a tough one but I’ll try if I get the chance. The whole issue is that sf is not allowed any other bikeshare company per their contract. What we have today is exclusive. So rather than stir up some shit and be sued they’re publicly making a big deal about this blue Gogo. But all they’re barking at are permits. Yet at the same time will be allowing them because it works pretty much the same as Uber or lift except in this case the bike does not come to you. You go to the bike.

    Download their app and you’ll see where they are located as well as where it’s headed. For example if I’m at 25th and mission and in need of a bike I can see a bike heading towards 26th and mission. Once the bike arrives and the person pays and locks it I would be alerted to my bike being ready. And Id have 15 minutes to head over there and grab it before it becomes free to all.

    Their ap is where you can see the bikes being used and located. But again I’ll try with the pictures if their not riding by that quickly.

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