SF’s effort to reduce car trips from new development advances

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

After a nearly two-year effort, San Francisco is poised to require developers to add a host of measures to reduce car trips from new developments.

The proposal, the Transportation Demand Management program, had stalled before the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee last year with outstanding concerns from nonprofits or smaller developers over the impacts of the new requirement.

But on Monday, after a number of amendments, the legislation was approved by a unanimous vote from committee members Supervisors Malia Cohen, Aaron Peskin and Jeff Sheehy. The full board will vote on the proposal next week… (more)

We know that these amendments are supposed to be for new residents moving into the new developments, but we also know that once the SFMTA gets the right to do anything, especially if it makes it into the General Plan Amendments, they will push the restrictions further into other neighborhoods by doing “studies” that “prove” their plan works, whether or not it does. We have already seen the results of the General Plan being used to cut down any and all arguments. We don’t need any more general plan amendments.

As I also mentioned in a letter to the Board of Supervisors, we should not continue to add more surveillance and scanning devices to our streets, as the data they are gathering can be used against us. We already have lost too much personal privacy and we don’t need to lose any more.


2 thoughts on “SF’s effort to reduce car trips from new development advances

  1. This is nothing new. They’ve been doing this for a long time. Over the past 3 years new developments have not been approved because of too many parking spaces in the plan. Now they would like to make it law with the amendment as well as requiring new developments to pay for widening of the sidewalk and no parking zones in front of their buildings amongst other things.

    As I have said prop K did absolutely nothing. That money was strictly for upgrading muni facilities. It’s the rest of the props and measures that were past every single one of them went into the general fund and capitol improvement funds. Hence school districts,parks,homeless,soda tax, city taking back the trees etc. the city taking back the trees was only so citizens wouldn’t fight to keep them when the sfmta would like to chop them down and redesign the sidewalks.


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