Shuttle Bus Petition

We the undersigned request that the City and County of San Francisco institute measures to relieve traffic congestion and mitigate environmental impacts resulting from the Commuter Shuttle Program. We urge the exploration and adoption of alternative transport modes, such as the use of smaller, more efficient vehicles and ride-share platforms, the consolidation of bus routes, and the wider dispersal of the traffic presently concentrated on a narrow selection of over-burdened streets… (sign here)

Please support this petition if you don’t want this coming to your streets. It is out of control in Noe Valley and many other neighborhoods. The plan comes up for review around the end of March. Get to your supervisor about it before then.

Shuttle bus facts:

  • There is no Environmental Review and that is the problem.  The reference is to the “HUB” Study written by MTA and the SFCTA utilizing the SFChamp Transportation model.   The HUB Study was published in November 2016.
  • The SF CHAMP model was based on assumptions (surveys, studies) 10 to 15 years old.  The HUB study was unable to collect current salary information, travel distance, (only zones on the Peninsula).  The Millbrae BART option was discounted because it was not in SF although it has ten bus bays available.
  • The Bottom line, Retaining the One Seat Commute (in a half empty commuter bus) is the objective of the Bay Area Council justifying the reduction of drive alone autos.  The assumption of drive alone is questionable since many young people do not own autos and rely on Uber/Lyft.

5 thoughts on “Shuttle Bus Petition

    • Transportation board of directors just approved publicaly what they had already approved in privately two years ago. I’m sorry “responsible commuting”? Your petition? Welcome to stuck in traffic behind commuter shuttles on your neighborhood side streets. 300% of what they’re doing is irresponsible. I still recommend you click the link I posted and read all 200 pages.


  1. I’m sorry but this petition will do nothing. Here’s the plan. They will have a review and all agree on congestion. The solution will be adding new stops. Something to the effect of “we have thousands of people that take these shuttles as commute. As to not make it hard on people to get to and from work we can’t remove them. We can however add more stops that will allow us to spread the shuttles throughout the city. This will eliviate congestion avoiding having 3-4 buses trying to get to one stop backing up traffic.”

    Of course those are my words but that will be the bullshit arguement. 378 total spots and that’s just for now. Unless changes are made.

    Here is the list of total apps up until today. Scroll to page 33.


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