Unspent Muni bond draws ire of SF supervisors

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

Board of Supervisors President London Breed, with the support of Supervisor Aaron Peskin, requested a hearing Tuesday to determine why the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, isn’t spending the $500 million in bond money voters approved in November 2014 even when there is so much need.
“Almost two and half years later, do you know how much of the $500 million has actually been spent to improve our transportation infrastructure?” Breed asked. “Twelve — $12 million. Twenty-seven months later, the MTA has spent 2 percent of the bonds we all authorized—the bonds we all said were urgently needed.”
Breed noted that the unused bond money is incurring interest payments and the value is decreasing with time, but also emphasized the importance of spending the funding on pressing needs…(more)

We deserve a list of the projects this money is being held for and details on how that money was allocated. The process is flawed. Too much emphasis is being put on future projects while nothing is being done to increase capacity or maintain the fleet of buses we have today. Our SFMTA has no interest in running the system they are charged with running efficiently or economically. All they care about is their new planning department and the latest digital gizmo they can put in the bus shelters to entertain and placate us. Thanks to the Supervisors for demanding some answers.

Holding onto 500 million while crying for more money. This is why the public does not trust the SFMTA and why they voted against the last sales tax pitch. At some point the voters were promised road repair in one of those sales pitches and we didn’t get it.
Everyone complains about potholes. Muni riders complain about how bumpy the ride is. Guess why it is bumpy? The potholes are destroying their shocks along with everyone elses. Use that money to fix the potholes before painting the streets or changing any more lanes. There are streets all over town with no plans to do anything to them. Fix those first.

SFMTA thrown under the bus over disuse of bond funds

2 thoughts on “Unspent Muni bond draws ire of SF supervisors

  1. I believe that was prop A in 2014. Transportation and raid improvment bond of which they have improved nothing.

    This sfmta link shows all projects and funding. From which housing,transportation,homeless or school bond etc they are pulling their money from. Some of the stuff has been implimented some has yet to be implimented. Some projects have a number like f3021 but of few pages bellow the project number will be defund. Keep in mind this was made up July 2016 and it wasn’t until after these plans were set in stone did they begin some outreach or say this is what we’re doing.

    You will also see what projects will be funded by that $500 million that hasn’t been spent and you’ll understand why most of it is still being held.

    It’s about 200 pages but a lot of info not made public as of yet.

    Click to access 7-19-16%20Item%2015%20FY%202017-21%20CIP_0.pdf


  2. I voted NO to that Prop because the money goes to a contractor with a big fat contract. Not for the best of the people. Vision Zero? Really!!!


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