Contradictory Reports presented at Special SFMTA Meeting


People are asking for data about the Tech Buses. Here is some data that was presented by the SFMTA this week by the City Controller and the SFMTA.
It is interesting to read both reports and see how the Controller Report contradicts many points in the SFMTA PR spin presented at the same meeting. You can find some links to those reports here:

SFMTA Board Special Meeting Tuesday, February 7, 9 AM – agenda
Green Room War Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness Ave.
Labor negotiations and closed session followed by presentations of current projects.
Financial Overview – presentation
Items 7-9 SFMTA Board Workshop – presentation

How the media buy claims that the Bay Area has the worst traffic in the country and the best public transit is beyond me. The two would seem to cancel each other out, but, we live in a world of fake news and alternate facts. People believe what they choose to believe until they experience something different. Right now many of us are experiencing a lot of large vehicles with darkened windows roaming through our streets like a foreign invasion.

Many business reports are showing a decline in the tech and construction industries. (look it up for yourselves) At the same time, there is also an expected loss of revenues coming from the federal coffers over the next four years that could seriously impact many projects the city was planning to fund, including those proposed by the SFMTA. These issues are largely based on international financial chaos and political uncertainties.

The tech buses may not be needed much longer. If these uncertainties continue and there is a decline in ridership they should downsize the buses and fleets to reflect that change.

The corporations that run the shuttles on our city streets should be responsible for generating reports on the number of buses and passengers that use these shuttles, much as the short term rental services are being required to do now. As far as I know the reports are being generated by public volunteers.

Requiring reports would be a good first step in solving this problem.


Not Even Donald Trump Can Save Twitter:
huffingtonpost – excerpt
…In a press release, C.E.O. Jack Dorsey called 2016 a “transformative” period for Twitter—a positive spin on a year filled with negative headlines. In the past several months, Twitter cut 9 percent of its staff; shed businesses like Vine, which didn’t make money; explored the idea of a sale but couldn’t find a buyer; struggled with its very public abuse and harassment problems as trolls chased high-profile users such as actress Leslie Jones off the platform; sold its Fabric developer business to Google; and lost several executives, including C.O.O. Adam Bain. (Twitter’s talent exodus continues to this day: just this week, two more execs left the company.)… (more)

Can Uber Outrun Its Own Future?
huffingtonpost – excerpt
Burning through cash in a race to escape the economic realities of the ride-hailing market, Uber is looking to a future without drivers—and now without cars, either...(more)

Yahoo Says Sale to Verizon Delayed Until Second Quarter
bloomberg – excerpt
Yahoo! Inc. said the sale of its main web operations to Verizon Communications Inc. has been delayed until next quarter to meet closing conditions while the company recovers from the disclosure of massive hacks to its user accounts… (more)

4 thoughts on “Contradictory Reports presented at Special SFMTA Meeting

  1. Examiner and the chronicle are generally pro city hall and sfmta. They take information given or made public for face value. That’s besides the chronicle taking reports from say channel 2 or something instead of their own reporting.

    The worst is kron 4 investigates. They investigate nothing but the obvious or something stupid for instance “investigating “why Safeway sells so much milk”. When it comes to transportation or citizens being upset or everything you’ve talked about one usually has to rely on sites like this or pretty much do their own research.

    You’ll never get an accurate report on shuttle ridership as the sfmta and mta/mtc want to keep pushing it. According to their bs numbers over 9 million people ride them 30,000 or so a day and that’s thruout the Bay Area. That’s in 2 years. However they report this as now and never tell you it’s a few years added or averaged together. If you do the math it’s only 10,000-15,000 a day for the entire Bay Area. I don’t know the exact number per county but divide it evenly it’s only about 2,100 a day per county if you were to do the math that way. Yet they report it as if it’s. Taking over the whole world and we need to have 370 stops in sf alone to accommodate.

    Tech bubble has slowed down. Developments have slowed down. Rental Vacancy is up 3% to about 5% or so. Rents have dropped. Many people have moved out including tech. A lot of tech have shit down or have moved outside of sf and the state. Yet they tell you they need more to accommodate and affordable housing is still being thrown out there. 8 months ago homelessness was in the news it was a big dealdisplacement evictions affordable housing etc. where is it? Anything that comes out of city all or the sfmta with regards to housing,taxes and transportation. Always remember they make a huge deal about something then ask for funding to fix the issue and that money will be used for their bs.


  2. Thank you for the links to the reports. I had only seen the first one. As for the reports well the city will always lie to us. For example, they claimed that the Next Bus is fixed and it’s not. The 9 and 9R sill say in the morning 60 minutes when in fact the bus arrives in 7 minutes!!!


  3. Thank you for the reports. I don’t think my comment went through. The city will always lie to us.
    They claim that Next Bus is fixed and it’s not. For example, Bus 9 and 9R every morning says 60 minutes.. And the bus arrives in 7 or so minutes!!!


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