Future Plans unveiled at SFMTA Board Special Meeting

Tuesday, February 7, 9 AM – agenda
Green Room War Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness Ave.
Labor negotiations and closed session followed by presentations of current projects.
Controller report: Financial Overview – presentation
SFMTA Board Workshoppresentation


4 thoughts on “Future Plans unveiled at SFMTA Board Special Meeting

  1. This may be off topic but 16th street transformation has begun. White and yellow street lines have been removed and replaced. Red carpet lanes will be painted I believe next week. No left turns off 16th street anywhere. Meaning no left turn on to Bryant, no left turn on to Potrero and so on.

    Stop light in shotwell and 16th stop light on Alabama and 16th


    • I have been avoiding it lately. Shot some rather strange signs last week that I posted. People are complaining about not being able to figure out where to catch the buses during this “improvement” project. Temporary stops appear to be moving daily. I read one notice on relocated bus stops and got a headache. Does the SFMTA really expect people to read these notices with their daily coffee on their way out the door to figure out how they are getting to work each day? I didn’t bother to post it because it was so insulting. The message from City Hall is you better get a smart phone if you live in this city. If you don’t, we will punish you by charging higher rates to ride the Muni. They already charge everyone an extra 37 cents per transaction at the parking meters to cover for the cash payments. How is this not discriminatory?


  2. So now 16th street traffic blows. It’s now one lane eastbound instead of two. From south Vaness all the way down. And two lanes west to market. It’s the 22 filmore project. Part of the arguement ofcourse is to speed up muni.

    However, muni will be stuck in serious traffic in that same single lane with the rest of the cars.
    Bus stops will be moved and shifted leaving the old bus stops as red zone. No parking. No left turns and extra lights. Identical to mission street.

    The single lane phase is complete. Red carpet should be next.


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