SF installs diagonal pedestrian crossing at dangerous Chinatown intersection

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

After more than a year of repeated protests, San Francisco has installed full “pedestrian scramble” safety engineering improvements to a busy intersection in Chinatown.

Kearny and Clay streets, where 77-year-old Ai You Zhou was struck and killed while crossing the intersection in 2015, is the latest spot in The City to receive the pedestrian engineering treatment, which replicates pedestrian crossing patterns in China… (more)

It can take a while, but both pedestrians and drivers like scrambles. They are the least confusing and the most safe of any crossing process in the traffic “tollbox” and we would like one at 16th and Mission as well. How log will it take to get one there?


3 thoughts on “SF installs diagonal pedestrian crossing at dangerous Chinatown intersection

  1. Although scrambles are great we’ve had a few in this city for a while.. one was removed from 4th and Folsom because of the central subway construction. A couple in Chinatown a couple off Montgomery in the financial district.

    This particular one that’s being written about is just a photo up. A supervisor showed up, sfmta should up and that ass from sensible streets division showed up. I don’t see anybody showing up for red carpets. They have scrambles in China and this pedestrian assumed such which is why he was hit crossing diagonally.

    Instead of also mentioning the person jay walked cutting diagonally and advocating to walk safely they decided to make a big deal over a human beings death only to use it as an excuse to further sfmta agenda and photo ops.

    They’re more happy about their bullshit crosswalk than they are sorry about the persons death.


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