Would higher gas tax fill our spreading potholes?

By Gary Richards : mercurynews – excerpt

With heavy storms wreaking havoc on California roads to the tune of $600 million — damages that Caltrans says could top $1 billion by spring — Bay Area traffic heavyweights joined forces Monday to push for higher gas taxes and auto registration fees to raise $6 billion a year for the state’s dilapidated roads.

“It is fiscally irresponsible to wait until our roads fail,” said State Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, chairman of the state Senate Transportation Committee, at a press conference to garner support for his gas tax bill. “We can’t ignore repairs. Eventually, we have to pay.”

SB-1 would hike the state gas tax by 12 cents a gallon over three years, charge electric cars an annual fee of $100 and increase the registration for all vehicles by $38. San Jose would be one of the big winners, getting $39 million a year from Beall’s measure, with $19 million more coming from the Measure B sales tax approved in November. San Jose transportation director Jim Ortbal called it a game changer, “huge.”…

Republicans and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, however, oppose any tax increases and, instead, want to divert money from the high-speed rail project and the state’s general fund to filling potholes…

But Beall doesn’t want the general fund touched for road repairs. “That’s a non-starter,” he said. “No way.”

Coupal suggests taking nearly $9 billion in bonds from high-speed rail for road construction.

“If voter approval is deemed necessary,” Coupal said, “that measure passes in a heartbeat.”… (more)

Here comes Lucy again with the football. What are the chances she will not pull it away again?

Gas tax proposed to help pay for much-needed San Jose road repairs: (video included)


3 thoughts on “Would higher gas tax fill our spreading potholes?

  1. Bullshit. Again left a link on one of these articles sfmta project funding. It calls for money from a gas tax and it just happens to be a rep from the Bay Area (San jose) to introduce this bill. According to their numbers gas tax will raise about $5bil to $5.66bil per year. It’s more of a transportation funding bill. Not one pot hole will be fixed. That would be counterproductive considering they want to make it harder and more expensive to drive. Nothing more expensive then repairing auto damage caused by a pot hole.


  2. Sorry, this is also part of plan Bay Area created by California association of councils or government which pretty much oversees abag and the association of govermenrs in south cali.

    Scroll to page 3 explains where the gas tax will be spent.


    This is from the sfcta back in 2013 assuming money for their transportation plan will be coming from gas tax


    From the sfmta back in 2013-2014 in this report easing gas tax and receiving gas tax revenue is spoken of and how it will be spent.


    This gas tax is crap. We have been funding for pot holes the last 3 elections and they just take the money and run with it. They have more than enough. Money is needed for more road diets bulbouts removal of parking across the state. Also Caltrain as well as that dumb high speed train also including Bay Area transportation plan created by the sfmta and their plan here in SF.

    They make things so bad to where you get frustrated and then come out and say hey vote for this we’ll fix it. So people without thinking or reading just vote. I know this doesn’t taking a public vote. I’m just making a point.

    An example of the game local and state governments are playing…….Remember the homeless bill in sf? 80% of that goes to the sfmta. You heard stories about tent city the mayor made a huge deal it was all over the local papers channel 4 ran with it etc. after passing the bill do you hear anything? Any stories about the dire need to help homeless?


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