Costly Transbay Transit Center in busload of trouble

Matier and Ross : sfchronicle – excerpt

…“The elephant in the living room is solving the operating subsidy problem, which could be as large as $20 million a year — and without a source of revenue,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who chairs San Francisco’s Transportation Authority…

Taxpayers and bridge commuters will probably be on the hook to pick up millions of dollars in costs, although the exact amount still isn’t known…

“We expect to have an operating deficit,” said Mark Zabaneh, executive director of the public Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which is building the center.

Without the foot traffic that high-speed rail could draw, the mall is looking a lot less attractive to potential renters. That means the authority may have to offer sweetheart deals to lure stores — which, of course, means less money…(more)

The City has a lot of nerve coming to the voters and tax payers begging for funds to operate a transit center many never wanted in the first place. When do we quit digging holes to fill and just fill the ones we have already dug?

Given the choice between paying for health care and paying for street diets and sidewalk widening, which do you think the voters would prefer? Housing and transportation are not the only think we need and the sooner City Hall wakes up to that fact the sooner we can start to repair the damage.


5 thoughts on “Costly Transbay Transit Center in busload of trouble

  1. This project has been in trouble since day one and they’re only writing about it now? If you go take a look at the construction you notice like a metal design on the outside. Originally that was suppose to be all glass but because they ran out of money they switch to a cheaper product(metal) two years ago. I buy coffee on Mina street right in front of the construction 5 days a week. Even the construction workers are worried about if work will stop and not get paid because of lack of funds.

    A while back I believe you posted something about raising bridge tolls with highway and road repair being the excuse. But voting on this just like everything else will be bullshit. Housing bills because of omg affordable housing which cannot exist unless the city owns the building and which we already have called section 8. Was used to find transportation crap locally and regionally. Then they made a huge issue over the homeless something. Now what your going to see happen is that bad roads and road repair will be all over the local media especially especially a few months before the time comes for citizens to vote. That’s when this issue will be on steroids all over the news. Not to mention the bridge/toll authority deciding to raise tolls on their own. Operating deficit my ass it’s more like a construction deficit right when they started while they look for voter funds to electrify Caltrain aka high speed rail, public funds for Bart and tearing down 280. BS.


    • It would be good to start looking at the number of projects the SFMTA has ongoing at one time. How much money is going in to each one and what percentage of the estimated amount do they have covered to complete the project and how much of the operating cost do they have to maintain the projects. We need a picture of the debt they are incurring in our behalf.


      • I posted a link with that info a few articles back. I think on your bike lane panhandle something like that. I’ll try and find it again for you.


  2. This report has a list of projects that have been completed, that are on the middle of construction as well as to be completed in the future. Cost and funding and what bill or measure they will be getting funding from as well as other recorces. Some projects are defined by a specific street for example Geary brt and other projects have a name with numbers and a letter like F101. Each project is somewhat defined you may have to dig on their websites for specific plans. In the report a project its cost and source of funding may not be on the same page. One page will have the project and cost but then you’d have to scroll to another page to find out its funding source.

    This link is an overall look of their proposed budget for 2017. Some sources of funding and some info on deficit.

    You can also find articles from last year and the year before about how muni operating costs are supposedly short like this one for example

    And this one

    A lot lit more to read if you do a serious search.


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