Business interests hold first-of-its-kind meeting with SF to stop traffic congestion

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The denizens of downtown have had it: Traffic congestion has got to go.
To that end, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce pitched to San Francisco a first-of-its-kind meeting with downtown interests and transportation planners in the hopes of tackling congestion in concert.

The idea was sparked by similar meetings convened by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to curb congestion during last year’s Super Bowl City, which proved to be a positive collaboration, said Dee Dee Workman, vice president of public policy at the chamber…

But more than just a community kvetch, the meeting is a call to action for The City. Workman said congestion doesn’t merely stymie commuters, businesses and residents in the Financial District, South of Market and Market Street areas, but ripples across neighborhoods.

“There’s gridlock all the time,” said Workman. “We want to talk to the [SF]MTA about what’s happening to the streets of San Francisco and how they’re approaching public transportation planning.”…(more)

SFMTA has NOT been responsive to anyone at any time in recent memory to anything other than requests for meetings. They have plenty of employees to send to meetings on the taxpayers’ dime, to waste the the taxpayers’ time. They like nothing better than wasting our time at meetings explaining their plans to ignore our requests.

There is a reason public transportation ridership is falling on BART and Muni. They don’t listen to people who ride when they tell them what they want. Riders want to keep their service and their seats. They don’t want to walk further, wait for transfers and stand on the bus. What is SFMTA doing about that? Ignoring them and doing the opposite of what they want.


3 thoughts on “Business interests hold first-of-its-kind meeting with SF to stop traffic congestion

  1. With all of the street changes bulb outs lane removals left turn restrictions etc what do they expect? They purposely caused. Just like the same bullshit with homeless and “affordable housing” calling it a crisis they will soon do the same with congestion. People will be so fed up they will support some funding which will then just go to further their agenda. Same bs game is still being played


    • And they’re going to continue ignore us. My understanding is by law they must do outreach yet outreach essentially just means to tell us about the projects. Scheduling these open houses between 10am and 3pm when the majority of people(who are against these projects) are at work. Mass emails are then sent out via sfmta,spur, and any “coalition” group ever created and their supporters show up. Most getting paid by the hour by their “group” as it is part of the job description.

      In any case this is how it’s going to work. There will be a buildup of traffic congestion stories. “We have to fix this problem” etc. the fixing will be more money to be requested for more of these dumb projects locally and regional. And their solution is to fix regional transit and more $2 fast lanes like on highway 580. Step 1 happened last election on the local level “park funding, school funding, parcel taxes, soda taxes, housing, Bart, homeless, save the bay(actual bay and shorelines) bs etc. On the state level cigarette tax which just kicked in only 13% of it going to health and non smoking programs. Guess where rest is going? Step 2 will be gas tax state and local.

      The rest of the steps and be im still looking into.


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