Open letter to Sustainable Streets


Sustainable Streets,

Director Maguire and staff:

re: Request for a continuance on approval of the Vincente bike lanes and parking alterations on 44th Avenue due to lack of proper public disclosure of public meetings during the planning process and lack of notice on this engineering meeting. No reasonable person would consider posting paper signs on outdoor posts during a rainstorm proper notice.

As you are aware, there have been many complaints over lack of proper notice and outreach to the community where SFMTA projects are concerned. This one really takes the cake.

I will not bore you by repeating all the details on this particular case, ie: complaints from the neighbors and merchants that they were not invited to any planning meetings where the bike lanes were being discussed. They will tell you their stories. This neighborhood is already living with the Taraval experiment that is forcing unwanted changes on their traffic patterns. To add more pain and pressure to this area is outrageous.

SFMTA’s lack of respect for the public has gotten so bad that citizens are going to their Supervisors with demands of public hearings focusing on the SFMTA’s lack of public support for the projects they are forcing on our streets, while ignoring their requests for better service instead of cuts. There are lawsuits underway and more are being contemplated. Don’t add to the list of complaints by approving the bike lanes and parking alterations today. This matter needs to be continued.


Mari Eliza, concerned citizen


4 thoughts on “Open letter to Sustainable Streets

    • Those plans didn’t really work out very well did they? I don’t know whether the policies added or decreased poverty in America. It certainly seems to be at an all time high now.


  1. Plans are not working out for citizens but they working out well for its implication. Poverty has increased and is expected as it is clearly stated in the plan. Quick summary of this is on that wiki page. More details would be on the UN site. For even more research agenda 21 and ESP agenda 30. You will find info on how poverty is expected. You will also find info on how this would cause more mixed use development for more density as well as having a big effect on small businesses. Purposely raising costs and taxes making it difficult to own a small business as the plan favors more chains like Whole Foods etc. Causing small businesses to shut down and their part/full time workers losing their jobs causing more poverty. Whole Foods can’t employ the whole world. Take for example minimum wage. There was nothing wrong with it when it was $10.75 in sf. What happened was that this whole sustainable development crap caused rental pricing to skyrocket as planned. So the government jumped on it to use as the minimum wage arguement. But it’s bs. Next year the min wage in SF will be $15. Let’s do some math shall we?
    Let’s say the min wage is $15 today. Full time job would be 40 hours. That’s $600 a week $2400 a month. Subtract %15 tax from every check you end up with $2040. You can’t even find a studio for that price. Then you have bus fare everyday, electric bill, food, clothing etc. get it? Just make sure it didficult. Say I own a shop and buy a refrigerator I pay tax on it at purchase and I’m done. Not today. Today I would also have to pay personal property tax on it every year as if it was my house. Then soda tax license fees that doubled etc.

    Poverty and no small business is expected. Everything that is happening in the city is totally part of it all. With more poverty coming.


  2. Great Letter! It’s very disappointing that the city continues to create meetings and most of the attendance are by city staff employees presenting at the meeting. Hardly any residents!


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