Broken promises with SB-1

By Richard Eber : capoliticalreview. – excerpt

At first glance State Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) would not seem to be a candidate for a yet to be written chapter for the sequel to Profiles in Courage.  Prior to taking office, Glazer spent his career as a lobbyist, consultant, fixer, and campaign manager, in the sleazy world of Sacramento politics.

Few people took much notice when Jerry Brown’s campaign manager in 2010 pledged when elected that he would ignore the special interests that previously employed him.  After less than two years in office, Glazer has made good on this promise while confounded his critics by not following the Democratic Party line in every instance.

Last week he further committed “progressive” treason (beyond opposing public transit worker strikes) by casting a vote against the passage of SB-1 which is the 52.5 billion dollar tax increase pushed by Governor Brown to pay for California’s deteriorating transportation system.  By raising the gasoline tax and increasing vehicle registration fees, Brown claims there will be enough funds allocated to get the job done.

Glazer, whose district is considered moderate by Bay Area standards, said that it was unnecessary to raise taxes rather than re-directing spending from the costly high-speed rail project and other questionable expenditures.

Glazer’s opposition to SB-1 might have worked if all Republican’s in the Senate opposed it because a two thirds vote was required to pass the measure.  This did not happen as Governor Brown enticed, or should we say bribed Republican Senator Anthony Canella (R-Ceres) to support SB-1 with 450 million in perks promised for his district.

Cannella does not care about the ire of the GOP as he is termed out in 2018 for his Senate seat.  No one would be surprised if Governor Brown gives him an appointment to a high paying state commission for his parting gift when leaving office.  That’s how things work in Sacramento… (more)

If you appreciate Senator Glazer’s no vote on SB-1, let him know:



One thought on “Broken promises with SB-1

  1. I believe I pasted this link once before. It has a list of sfmta budget and funding. It shows you were funding issuverted from. Funding comes from housing measures, school measures, gas tax, clinate measures, property tax etc. when the city , region or state begins to make a big deal let’s say for example “climate” or “environment” or “health” etc. and they introduce a bill or measure you’ll know why. They have already used health hence soda tax and cig tax. They have already used the roads they allowed to crumble hence gas tax. What’s left here to use is climate and rising sea levels. They never said sea levels would rise 100%. They just said “well they could rise in 100 years”. Last but not least traffic congestion. Those are the 3 arguements left. I’m not sure what they will exactly do for climate and sea levels other than what makes sense an extra tax. For traffic congestion it will be a fee downtown ESP in the financial district which would work similar to fast track or that carpool lane on highway 580. They will also raise bridge tolls in addition to adding more carpool lanes they will charge people for. As well as a treasure island entrance toll for those who drive. Around $2-$4 something like that. In the next couple of weeks or months you will begin to see/hear the governor and or government even on the local level speakof climate and sea levels. The story will get bigger and bigger.

    For the record not one penny of that gas tax will be used to fix our roads. The only time it will be used to fix our roads will be on a street they’re redesigning, removing parking, brt, street lights, cross walks etc. all of this is considered fixing our roads.

    Take a look at this link and remember what you can. That way in the future when you see a particular measure being introduced or a big deal being made you know why. Also it will help you get an idea of what new measures they may introduce. For example if you seewords like “future cip funding” and next year they introduce a “housing bill” with money going into cip.


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