SFMTA Seeks Input On Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project Designs This Week

By : Hoodline – excerpt


Page 92 of the 92 Page Eastern Neighborhood Plan from 2008

Anyone who commutes across the Bay Bridge should start screaming now… Sorry for the late notice. I just saw this.

Changes are in the works for SoMa through SFMTA’s $26 million Folsom-Howard Streestcape Project.

Now, after community meetings late last year, the agency will be holding two public open house meetings so the neighborhood can weigh in on upcoming design changes to Folsom and Howard streets.

As part of the Vision Zero initiative, the project would focus on making an area—Howard Street between 3rd and 11th streets and Folsom Street between 2nd and 11th streets—that the city has designated as a high-injury corridor more pedestrian and bike-friendly…

The two open houses  will be held Thursday, April 27th at 6:00pm-7:30pm and Saturday, (sorry we missed that one.) April 29th at 12:00pm-2:00pm at Bessie Carmichael Elementary School at 375 7th Street, between Folsom and Howard streets. Both meetings will cover the same material…(more)

No new plans that we can see online, but we know what they have in mind –  cutting traffic lanes and adding bike lanes to the two most heavily traveled, packed and gridlocked streets in the city.  City Hall doesn’t really want you to drive into the city on one the most expensive bridges ever built.

They want you to pack onto a BART train, or Transbay bus, or stay the heck out of THEIR city! Many people will choose to stay away once this nightmare goes into effect.

Watch for the boulevard plan, pictured above. Page 92 of the 92 page Eastern Neighborhoods Plan from 2008 shows Folsom street as a tree-lined civic Blvd.) There may be talk of turning it into a two-way street, removing making turns onto side streets and even installing a red lane. They would kill what is left of the businesses along the way and, make your commuting impossible. No wonder tech is moving to Nevada.

Any claims that the city is removing cars from city streets and thus reducing greenhouse gases are false. As you can tell, there are as many, if not more vehicles clogging our streets and the longer it take you to get somewhere the more emissions there are in the air during that trip. Slowing down the vehicles is adding to the pollution. Removing the hundreds of trees is removing the natural CO2 filter that was in place. Add the construction dust and fumes and you can pretty well guess that the air is a lot less clean than it was. We are lucky when it rains to put a damper on it. If there is one lie you do not believe, do not believe that the air is cleaner.


5 thoughts on “SFMTA Seeks Input On Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project Designs This Week

  1. They just got done removing a lane off Howard and Folsom for their green bike lane. Now wasting more money to re-do the whole thing. I’m not sure if you been to 7th street 8th street or 9th street. The plan is to have Folsom look the same.

    One side of the street will have parking with a twist. By that I mean parking spaces removed for bulbouts, and parking spaces removed in the middle of the block for benches and stuff.
    In addition to a couple of spaces removed for commercial spaces and a lot of red zones.

    As like on 7th, 8th,11th and soon to be 9th street they will remove all parking on one side of the street for a bike lane. Widening of the sidewalks. Existing bike lane will be replaced with a muni island. Here’s another twist… Folsom will be 2 lanes for cars and a red carpet. They may not add the red carpet at first but it will eventually come.

    I guess if you take how 8th street looks from market to Harrison today and add a red carpet.

    In the end project is a waste of money removing more parking and another traffic lane. A “road diet in typical sfmta fashion.

    Townsend street pretty much the same design with the circle being cut off.

    The link I pasted in your last post discusses all of this and where the funding is coming from. All current and future projects as well as funding(not in complete detail) is listed. You’ll know about the next future project before it happens. These plans like this particular one (Folsom) were drawn up about 4-6 years ago. That link I posted was made available 1-2 years ago.


      • Yes that’s the link. A list of ccompleted, under construction and future projects. That was in 2014-2015 and you’ll see Folsom listed. It also gives you funding source somewhat. You will also see projects with no name but some called F102s some crap like that. But if you scroll to the lower pages it will define that project for you. So for instance it could be 21st street. You wouldn’t know unless you scrolled down.

        On any sfmta documentation it’s always half ass. They don’t list project with funding and details together. They seperate them purposely making it harder to find and you just get tired of searching. A perfect example I had to click on 7 different budget forms read through them just in case until I found that one. It’s done that way on purpose. Hence everyone complains ” it wasn’t on the website”, “we didn’t know” “where’s the information I can’t find it”. And the response is always it’s all on our website. Which it is. Only it’s a maze with a piece of cheese at the end of it and we’re the mice.


    • Thank you for the info. Yes I’ve seen 8th and 11th, it’s awful. I find it highly unsafe to be standing in the middle of the street while I waited for the bus yesterday!


      • This Folsom Howard st streetscape is pretty much adobe deal regardless of whatever meeting has happened. An sfmta meeting/open house is pretty much just telling us what they will shove up our behind.

        Markings on streets and sidewalks have already been sprayed and ready to go. My guess is that Howard st will get the worst of it it’s currently only about two lanes until about 4th street because of Moscone construction. They may take advantage of that and actually leave it the way it is addingwider sidewalks.


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