Traffic Safety Advocates Form Human Chain To Protect Tenderloin Bike Lane

by Walter Thompson : hoodline – excerpt

Calling attention to what they say is the city’s failure to protect bike lanes in high-injury corridors, approximately 15 traffic safety advocates formed a human chain this morning on Golden Gate Avenue near Market Street.

Dressed in yellow T-shirts donated by road-safety advocacy group San Francisco Municipal Transformation Agency (SFMTrA), participants stood in a bike lane and joined hands to create a barrier between motorists and cyclists…

Last month, Muni proposed scaling back a parking-protected bikeway on Turk Street—another corridor in the High Injury Network—to a paint-buffered bike lane, similar to the one on Golden Gate Ave. The change was proposed after fire department representatives said the new configuration made the street too narrow for emergency vehicles… (more)

8 thoughts on “Traffic Safety Advocates Form Human Chain To Protect Tenderloin Bike Lane

  1. Dear Traffic Safety Advocates and other Astroturfing groups who are funded by the SFMTA.
    How is a protected bike line going to stop MUNI vehicles from running over Cyclists and pedestrians? SFMTA statistics indicate that MUNI accidents injured 934 people between 2006 and 2011. The SFMTA says that 25 of these accidents were fatal. About 5,000 claims have been filed against MUNI in the last five years and 2,400 of these claims were paid for around $82 million total.Overall, the city of San Francisco paid out over $212 million in 8,600 lawsuits and another $53 million was spent fighting the claims during the last five years.

    Source: ABC News, “San Francisco losing millions annually to payouts,” Dan Noyes, Feb. 28, 2012


    • “traffic advocacy groups” (sfmta) get paid by the hour and salary from our tax dollars to stand around and talk. It’s not their money what do they care


    • There is not much air between the SFMTA and the SF Bicycle Coalition. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship. You don’t get on the SFMTA Board without either being a member or pledging allegiance to the Bike Coalition. SFMTA buys a lot of their services.


    • One other reason for the propaganda. They are activating their base. They turned up a lot of voices at the SFMTA Board meeting where the SFMTA Board voted for the Upper Market Street treatment that the Fire Department opposes.


  2. They are going to continue pushing the issue of “concerned for people’s safety”. One of three things which are currently being discussed will happen. Removal of parking for a protected bike lane, overriding the fire department as “safety” is more important, or making Turk a 2-way street for those few blocks.

    Following Turk will be 17th and church as 14 people have crashed on the tracks in a 5 year span. The plan is removal of parking for a protected bike lane. One way street from 17th to Sanchez. Widening of the sidewalks and Bulbouts as this will teach idiots that do not know how to ride bikes in the city to cross the tracks at 70-90 degrees.

    A similar stunt is planned for that intersection time still to be decided.


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