Despite SFFD Complaints, SFMTA Board OKs Upper Market Parking-Protected Bike Lanes

by Carrie Sisto : hoodline – excerpt

Clogged traffic on Masonic before they cut out any lanes.

Despite objections from fire department officials, San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency’s board voted yesterday to approve new parking-protected bike lanes and other changes to the roadway in the Upper Market area.

“The item was passed unanimously with the understanding that we would work with SFFD to develop a plan that includes the features of the project, while ensuring that first responders have the necessary access,” SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose told us.

Easily-installed improvements like painting new protected bike lanes should be installed this year, but large-scale construction improvements like adding bulb-outs and islands will occur in 2019… (more)

This is not about traffic laws or safety regulations. This is about science and physics and the fact that no two objects can occupy the same space at one time.
I just witnessed a traffic jam on 18th Street with a fire department ambulance stuck in traffic. It was being held up by what appeared to be a school bus coming from the opposite direction.
The totality of the traffic and anti-traffic flow tactics being unleashed on SF streets is the problem. Left unchecked, a fire can double in size, or so fire department personnel have claimed. Do you really want to second guess the Fire Department when they tell you they can’t serve the public under these circumstances?
If you think it is more important to promote traffic nightmares that hamper emergency vehicles and stop traffic flow, I hope you are prepared to take your friends and family who need assistance on your bike to the hospital next time they need help because the ambulance you count on may not make it in time.



5 thoughts on “Despite SFFD Complaints, SFMTA Board OKs Upper Market Parking-Protected Bike Lanes

  1. Read the article and even read some of the comments before leaving one of my own. And I have to be honest. People in the sfmta and those that support their plans are complete idiots.

    “If the overhead wires on 18th and Castro are fine”.

    They have no idea that it’s already difficult to use the big ladder truck with all of the power lines. The fire department doesn’t care about intersections. It’s about the placement of the ladder truck so that you hit the fire at the right angle and get above it. As the driver pulls up to the fire he’s already checking out all of the lines above so that he may know where to park it close to the fire also giving them room to navigate the ladder in between and above power lines. These idiots don’t know shit. Every single power line, muni line, bulb out on the corner as well as the middle of the block, center and pedestrian islands, parking even a tree all effect the placement and navigation of this truck which is actually called a tiller truck. Not to mention that SF being an old city with a lot of power lines above is one of the most difficult cities out of 8-10 other cities in the country for these trucks. These trucks being necessary and heavily relied on because of the hills as well as homes and buildings being stuck together. My beloved city is going down I’m a dumb ass and don’t know shit avenue becoming the dumbest city in the country. And why?
    Because they believe getting rid of the automobile will solve all of their health and environmental problems. Yes zero cars in San Francisco after already being the “greenest city” will eradicate global warming and become the safest city in the world. Stupid people!


    • If the fire trucks can’t get through next time there is a quake, can we hold them responsible for burning down the city?

      I want to see how well people adapt to no electric power grid. No BART No electrified trains, gasp, no internet, at least if it last for long there will be no internet. And no phones. Phones are no longer landline and the other kind don’t work for long when the grid goes down.


      • They don’t really care about that. Take a look at Potrero. Fire trucks have a seriously hard time turning onto any street including into the hospital because of the islands. And that’s with zero traffic and no red carpet which is to be painted.

        Every neighborhood where they have implemented these dumb plans including bulb outs and removal of lanes have caused a real problem. Not to mention that is has drastically effected response times(emergency). This is the real public safety issue. Not a person on a bike hitting a pot hole or breaking traffic laws labeled as a “collision” arguing the streets are unsafe.
        They are not taking any of this into account. I highly doubt they have any emergency vehicles included in any of their drawings.

        Here’s an example. Use to be a fire station on 5th and bluxum right off of Townsend. They wanted the fire department to move so they could sell the property to a developer. The fire department usually pays for things from their own funding. To convince them of the move the city offered to pay. They took a city parking lot on Folsom between 6th and 5th to build the new station. A year or two later they changed the traffic lanes on 5th street, removed a traffic lane for a bike lane on Folsom. Added bulb outs, no turns on market, lowered the speed limit and changed the timing of lights. Traffic is always backed up solid in every direction. The fire trucks can’t get out and when they do they can’t move. Including police, ambulance, etc. you should hang out there for 5 hours one day. All emergency response is told to figure it out and find another route. Put it this way if your having a heart attack say a prayer and close your eyes. Don’t bother with 911 they won’t get there in time anyway.


  2. Here you go. Imagine a peramid from the top down.
    It starts here Then take a look at their partners and supporters and google their partners and supporters and so on. It trickles down. I don’t want to list the whole peramid just a few. But it starts with icle

    Then you get to

    And the. On to the transportation plan in California and sf. Where sfmta gets their orders from and the originators of the gas tax bill.

    You should research them all including partners and supporters as well as employees in San Francisco and you’ll understand.


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