SF demands data from Uber, Lyft on city trips, driver bonuses

By Carolyn Said : sfgate – excerpt

2017-06-02 14.25.03.jpg

Driving conditions are driving people mad. This is one of three cars I passed parked or driving on the wrong side of the street on June 2, 2017. This one was parked at the intersection of 25th and Dolores on the wrong side of the street. There was no one in the car. There was a single orange cone in front of the car. Photos by zrants.

2017-06-02 17.34.44.jpg

I passed another car parked on the right side of the street with emergency blinkers and a fire truck in back of it waiting at the light. I took a turn to avoid that street. 

It’s a San Francisco truism: Every other car on the streets these days seems to sport a logo for Uber or Lyft — and many double-park or block traffic as passengers climb in or out.

Now the city wants Uber and Lyft to share details on how many ride-hailing cars are roving the streets and when, so it can ensure that they comply with local laws; assess their impact on traffic congestion, safety, pollution and parking; and ascertain whether they are accessible for disabled and low-income riders.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera on Monday subpoenaed Uber and Lyft to disgorge records on four years of driving practices, disability access and service in San Francisco. The companies have steadfastly declined to share data other than that they have about 45,000 drivers in the Bay Area…

The SFMTA, which oversees the city’s streets and transit, chimed in to say that ride-hailing is a problem.

“We are hearing a growing number of complaints from residents, businesses, and our own traffic enforcement staff and Muni operators about the behavior of these drivers and the congestion and pollution caused by the sheer volume of these vehicles on our city’s streets,” SFMTA Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin said in a statement. “As stewards of the city’s transportation system, we need to understand the effects of these private companies and their impact on San Francisco’s transit, safety, accessibility, and climate goals.”…(more)

Ok. I have come down off the ceiling from laughing. The SFMTA is calling the kettle black. City Hall embraced the car and house sharing economies when they first appeared on the scene. The couldn’t fulfill their real estate needs fast enough and handed out tax deals like candy to the tech industry that they are now at odds with.

The “Sharing Economy” has lost favor in San Francisco as citizens and politicians realize the circle of benefactors is very limited. Instead of reducing cars and traffic, the SFMTA priority plans have turned the streets into a lawless nightmare, full of people driving on the wrong side of the street, parking in the middle of the street and generally ignoring all of the confusing signs and paint on the street that they don’t understand. (See photos above)

Fuming citizens are filing complaints in record numbers and the Supervisors are calling for hearings on a number of issues. The SFMTA is out of line, way over budget and the lipstick on pig is fading fast.

Help turn this around by filing complaints, writing letters and comments and attending the meetings at City hall when you can. Join MailChimp for occasional updates and news on hearings as they are scheduled.