Bike Coalition Preps for Next Round of SoMa Fight

: streetsblog – excerpt (includes graphics)


Folsom and Howard Streets Slated for Redesigns

here are now four design options for a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)’s project to add parking-protected bike lanes, possible transit lanes, and wider sidewalks on Howard and Folsom Streets in the South of Market neighborhood (SoMa). Deciding what design concept is best–and which elements of each plan are good and bad–was the topic discussed by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s (SFBC) 15-member SoMa committee on Thursday evening at the Public Architecture firm on Folsom Street.

“All four of these designs are pretty darned good. All four have pretty good protected bike lanes; physically separated bike lanes and that was the top priority,” said Charles Deffarges, community organizer for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) and leader of the SoMa committee. “We can steer these in the direction we want to see for people who ride in SF.”… (more)

Go to SFMTA’s PDF to see all the four conceptual alternatives for yourself. But here are the two that generated the most conversation among the SFBC’s SoMa committee, the #2 Bicycle Connectivity scheme, and #4 Two-Way Traffic Alternative:

Way to go SFMTA! Turn two of the major access streets to the Bay Bridge into a two-way, slower than ever bike-lane laden streets with bus-only lanes. Double the commute time for everyone and force us to breath twice the fumes by forcing cars to take twice as long to leave the city. Great way to kill a city. Speaking of killing, how are the emergency vehicles supposed to get around?


5 thoughts on “Bike Coalition Preps for Next Round of SoMa Fight

  1. They can shove their open house up their ass. Last I heard most of Folsom will be 2-way. That was awhile ago. They already know what they’re going to do and they’re going to do it. Markings have already been sprayed starting at 3rd st.


    • How to kill a city while pretending to fix it : Kill the culture and lifestyles of the citizens.
      Hire a chaos manager to create utter chaos and engineer class warfare through gentrification, while pushing as many people as possible out to make room for an imagined future perfect citadel. Convince everyone that they have no rights, only privileges. Only the privileged deserve a place in the new world class city of the future. Add a billion dollars a year to the budget to establish your plan and raise the value of property and cost of living to push the poor out. When citizens balk, cut services and raise their fees and fines to punish them. Ignore the public. CONTROL them instead by creating massive shortages of everything and privatizing it. Broadcast your glory to the world.


      • You forgot living and traveling the way they tell you too. Welcome to “sustainable development”. Thanks to Jerry brown with that Paris agreement stuff it’s just going to get worse.

        According to sfcta,mta, sfmta, regional planning,plan Bay Area, the whole arguement is based on “climate change”. No one is saying the environment should not be protected. However their solutions are bullshit. An example back I think in the late 70s and 80s pollution was a big problem. Arguement: it ruined the earth, pollution wasn’t good for the ozone layer, global warming etc. ok fine. The solution was simple figure out a way to make most things recyclable. No citizens tax dollars were wasted. Pretty simple right? Then they went on to gas emission laws in Ca. Forced the auto makers to figure out a way for better gas mileage, less emissions. Again simple. All done through technology.

        Today however is different. They don’t want you to smoke, they don’t want to to enjoy a coke, they don’t want you to afford a house, they don’t want you to own a car or drive. they would like to force you to live in a ridiculously expensive apartment(“affordable housing”) as well as force you to take the bus walk or bike while taxing citizens for every little thing with more to come to pay for these projects and plans(subsidized).

        Every measure that involves money or transfer of power in sf should be shot down. Anything passed will only allow them to continue to triple tax us as well as divert current taxes we pay to these dumb projects and give them the power to do so. While funding all of these non profit groups like spur, affordable housing groups, etc. before 2011 we had a few non profit advocacy groups that got things done for citizens. Today we have 100s and they all come out in support of these dumb projects.

        Hence the soda tax. Not to mention the fact that anybody with diabetes 2 drinking soda is an idiot…..When was the last time you heard a word about diabetes 2. The whole argument for this particular tax? Haven’t heard a word have you? Haven’t heard about the homeless have you?

        What about the most recent crap gas tax. Governor said cities could work on streets immiedietly. Yet nothing fixed in sf and streets are getting worse while the sfmta would like to change folosom street by painting colorful lines over Folsom street. SF is a very healthy heart and the streets are it’s arteries and the sfmta is conducted all of these triple bypass surgeries. Sooner or later it’s going to die from an overdose of anesthesia.

        It’s all trickling down from the state onto the counties then cities. People better wake the hell up because this is going to take way more than just filing complaints that are being ignored at the local level.

        Until then get use to more gridlock, thinner streets and ugly red and green paint all over the place.


  2. Yes indeed! This comes from the state giving the funding to create much more bike lanes all over and the red carpets and all. Things that we absolutely don’t need!


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