Transit agency ‘mistake’ reveals extra parking removed from Potrero Avenue

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

Overhead google shot of Potrero before the medians were installed.

Sometimes, San Francisco makes mistakes.

In this case, a mistake led to the revelation of more parking removed for a safety and transportation project on Potrero Avenue than the community was initially was told — 60 spaces total, instead of 41.

But neighbors are also concerned that the Potrero Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project was designed before Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital built its new trauma wing — and that those 2014 transportation plans reportedly block emergency vehicle access…

That allegation from neighbors was later expressed by Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s office to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which heads the project.

These concerns prompted the SFMTA Board of Directors to approve the project in a limited capacity Tuesday and carve out a hole in their plans directly in front of the hospital so that portion can be studied…

Potrero Avenue resident David Jayne recorded video showing one of the newly installed traffic medians preventing an emergency vehicle from accessing the hospital. It showed an ambulance flashing its lights while sitting behind traffic at a red light by the entrance to the hospital.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos of fire trucks and engines pulling into General Hospital before the median was installed. The large vehicles used both sides of the street to make their turns. Photos by zrants

Traditionally, Jayne said, the ambulance would have driven around the pile-up, into oncoming traffic, and entered the hospital. Instead, it was blocked by the new median…(more)

Anybody else wonder where all these high injury networks are coming from? If Vision Zero and Moving Forward worked we should be safe by now. How many millions of dollars are spent on high injury networks and why do they keep multiplying? There must be some non-high injury networks. Let’s see a map of those.



One thought on “Transit agency ‘mistake’ reveals extra parking removed from Potrero Avenue

  1. It’s like you stated in your last post….”playing the safety card”. It’s all bs it’s more like playing the “no cars on our streets card”. Sfmta knew they removed extra spaces which is something they have been notorious for.

    They say no parking will be removed and they remove them. They say “oh well only lose five spaces” but they remove 15 parking spaces. This happens at every “community meeting” always lying about the numbers.

    What happened in this case was not because of a mistake. Someone actually counted the spaces before and after and sfmta got busted.

    The article uses the excuse of “creating Potrero street project before they built the hospital”. But again more bullshit. Plans for the new hospital were already submitted and the sfmta works hand in hand with the planning department. They knew everything about the hospital. The new hospital opened in 2016 and has been planned since 2008 look it up.

    Mistake my ass.


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