Federal approval will see Muni red lanes spread to 50 streets across SF

By : sfexaminer – excerpt (includes map)

Muni is about to paint the town red.

If we don’t stop them!

Muni’s latest experiment, the “red carpet” transit-only lanes has split San Franciscans’ opinions, but now the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is contemplating at least 50 new streets to play host to the transit lanes.

Bus riders and numerous studies say they’re a boon to transit, speeding up the previously molasses-slow buses and trains during commute hours. An alliance of homeowners and merchants, however, decry the lanes for making traveling by car more difficult, potentially driving away customers from mom and pop shops.

Love them or hate them, however, newly granted federal approval will now allow Muni’s red lanes to sprout all across The City, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

A list of “Potential Future Red Lanes” provided to the Federal Highway Administration as part of the lane approval process, which was obtained by the Examiner, show nearly 50 new proposed sites for red lanes…

“Red Transit Lanes are still an experimental device,” Doug Hecox, a spokesperson for the administration, wrote to the Examiner in an email, and added that soon may change.

The National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices has a technical committee that determines new street markings — yellow cannot be used in pavement coloring, for example, but purple is allowed in lanes for electronic toll collection.

So San Francisco may pave the way for the legalization of red… (more)

Stop the spread of Red! We Need Your Voice to Remove The Red Carpet Mess on Mission Street and stop the spread to other streets like the Geary BRT.
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