How many laws can one cyclist break in an intersection?


Cyclist running red light at a railroad crossing photo by zrants.

I was headed north on Webster when I came to a stop light and stopped. As I looked to my right side I saw a cyclist approaching with a child on the back. The next thing I noticed was that Although the child was wearing one, the cyclist was not wearing a helmet. He was wearing shorts and some kind of sandals. As I watched, he approached the intersection with the red light, and, instead of stopping like I did, he crossed in front of me like a pedestrian might, and then proceeded to cross the intersection against the red light on the other side and drove up onto the sidewalk, where he proceeded to continue on his way.

First, he wore no helmet, so, if he went down he would not be protected and able to help the child, who would also go down if he bike fell. Not very smart parenting.

Then, he did not stop at the red light. Instead he crossed the street in front of the stopped cars from right to left and then crossed against the light on the other side. He could have been hit by a vehicle proceeding through the green light, or a car making a right turn. He may or may not have been seen by either car, as he was weaving a bit through the potholes. Since he was breaking the law, and not following the rules of the road it was hard to anticipate what he was doing until he did it, making it harder for cars to avoid hitting him.

Then he drove up on the sidewalk.

I count four laws being broken at this one intersection. And he is teaching his child to break the laws. That is what really bothers me. Parents are putting their children in dangerous situations and teaching them bad habits at the same time.

2 thoughts on “How many laws can one cyclist break in an intersection?

  1. This is exactly why citizens need to give their full support for all sfmta projects. The shrinking of streets, widening of sidewalks, parking and traffic lane removal, bulbouts, red carpet lanes and green bike lanes.

    This is how it works…..
    You have special red paint, special green paint and special cement newly developed through science and technology that helps in improving ways to save lives.

    Once all special cement and paint our layer out on our streets they begin to work together. They let off special gases into the atmosphere which are then pushed back down Onto the green bike lanes by the sun. Making them super protect lanes. The congestion caused by all of this act like barrier walls for the gas being pushed back down onto the bike lanes. These barrier walls ensure the gasses reach their target(green bike lanes). When these bike lanes become super any child that is hit or falls of a bike as long as they land on these special green bike lanes they will live forever. Here’s the amazing part. These green bike lanes after being hit with wonderful gasses coming down to them this causes a chemical reaction letting off clouds of smoke. Once this smoke is inhaled by bike riders it gets into the blood stream and then into the human brain causing a chemical ment balance to control human jackass behavior.

    This is all being done to save lives and our planet. These projects lower Co2 emissions which then cools the planet one tenth of a degree in a hundred years or human life will be extinct caused by sea level rise. Sea level is expected to rise 10 inches by then. If nothing is done we will all drown by a 10 inch monster wave covering our feet city.

    Now although not lowering earths temprature by one tenth of a degree today hasn’t effected humans we are all suffering by slow death we just don’t feel it as we are suffering inside and life is being squeezed out of our livers and kidneys.
    City representatives are tripling development along the coast where they say sea level rise is life threatening. These developments also save lives. A perfect story building in SF will be burried by this 10 inch monster wave. But not the new 4 story development on the beach. Remember the special cement? It’s all good. When this 10 inch sea level rise occurs humans won’t be allowed to just pack up your things and move inland. That’s suicide as all of your furniture will not fit on your bike you could lose balance fall over and crack your head.

    So our Bay Area region must spend $380 billion of our tax dollars on special paint and cement to slow global warming lowering earths temprature by one tenth of a degree to off 10 inches of sea level rise in 100 years. This is something that one cannot argue. Conclusive proof formulated by prediction software installed on computers all over the world used by 10,000 scientist non of whom are sea level specialist which receive funding by world governments cconcluded this imitate death scenario. And 97% of those 10,000 scientist all reported that this software was installed properly. None have ever denyed with the fact that Micrsoft windows has not yet crashed. The other 3% that have denyed that Microsoft fact have been all labeled as deniers and are now outcasts.

    Special cement special paint. Save the world!


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