Transit agency ‘mistake’ reveals extra parking removed from Potrero Avenue

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Sometimes, San Francisco makes mistakes…

Like not listening to the neighbors who know the street…

…neighbors are also concerned that the Potrero Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project was designed before Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital built its new trauma wing — and that those 2014 transportation plans reportedly block emergency vehicle access…

That allegation from neighbors was later expressed by Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s office to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which heads the project.

These concerns prompted the SFMTA Board of Directors to approve the project in a limited capacity Tuesday and carve out a hole in their plans directly in front of the hospital so that portion can be studied…(more)

Here is something for the next SFMTA study.

We opened this story with the last article we see on the Potrero Project and the warnings from neighbors that this new road configuration is dangerous. So far we have seen no mention of the 4-car pile up that draw ambulances and stopped traffic yesterday, June 20, during rush hour, in front of the entrance to SF General, as residents on the 900 block of Potrero Avenue predicted.

So far as we know the accident was only recorded by the neighbors, who seem to be more vigilant than professionals in documenting the problems on Potrero. It was no-doubt witnessed by a lot of commuters stuck in the street, who were probably grateful they were not the victims of this folly.

Hours of wasted time in this one accident will not be made up soon by the faster buses we are told will go soon whizzing by on transit only lanes. Since the SFMTA did not consider the victims of this accident worth noting, we doubt they will end up in their count.We are here to fill in the media gaps. This marks the second story we scooped this month. More videos and links will follow and hopefully some of our press partners will take this story up, when they finish reporting on the latest Trump tweets.

Witness statement:

I’d say southbound traffic was diverted onto 21st Street for at least half an hour.  I came out onto my front steps to smoke at about 6:20pm and saw the police SUV and diversion already happening to my left, then noticed all the emergency vehicles and the aftermath of the accident to my right, just south of the 22nd Street east offset.  I got to the scene within a couple of minutes, shot video (that I still haven’t watched) on my cell phone, which then immediately died, then ran home to get my iPad and was back shooting video by 6;27, first of the accident, next of the intersection of Potrero Avenue and 21st Street.  Then I went back inside to post the videos from my iPad while my phone continued to charge.  By 7(?)pm, the streets were open again.

Before and maybe after, I was listening to music through headphones in the back of my house, hence missing facts.

Video links below:



3 thoughts on “Transit agency ‘mistake’ reveals extra parking removed from Potrero Avenue

  1. Dear Ms Tanner

    Your current plan for Potrero ave is almost criminally misguided. It is endangering residents as well as motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
    One partial solution is to move all bikes to Bryant and to reinstate parking on Potrero. ( just FYI I don’t live there but can see the extreme danger for those residents )

    The current plan can not continue.

    Karen C.


  2. Reader comment:

    Britt. What we have right now mid construction is a huge exposure to damages resulting from MTA actions or failure to act. The serpentine lanes lead at several points directly into pedestrian islands as one moves thru the intersections. Tire marks on the island curbs are testimony to the fact they are being hit. I hope there will be HIGHLY VISIBLE BARRIER SIGNS and reflective curbs in the final product but right now the pedestrian barriers are poorly marked or not marked at all. It’s a huge mistake to allow the contractor to proceed without highly visible barrier signs during construction. The bill for this oversight could easily cost as much as the entire street scape. Can we get this fixed yesterday?

    I’m asking a question that I believe is on almost every neighbor’s lips. What is wrong with the MTA, SFGH, DPH and UCSF that their professional management isn’t seeing whats as clear as the nose on my face. THIS APPARENT INABILITY TO SEE CLEARLY DANGEROUS SITUATIONS AND TO RESPOND TO THEM WITH EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS POINTS TO A SYSTEM WIDE MANAGEMENT FAILURE. You’ve parked the car on the train track. Do you need to see the impact to understand the problem?



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